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Spartan for a Day

Witness the Spartan Brotherhood for a day!

The Spartan for a Day shadow visit gives future students the opportunity to experience the traditions, students, and faculty that make De La Salle High School a unique academic community.

To sign-up please click the link below. Shadow visits are for 8th grade students only and limited to one visit per student. Due to the high volume in requests, DLS caps the number of students per visit at ten. Visits are limited to a first come first serve basis.

Sign up HERE.


  • Experience a typical day in the life of a Spartan
  • Meet teachers and students
  • Participate in class
  • Enjoy a free lunch

Frequently Asked Questions

Who Will Show Me Around on "Spartan For A Day?"

Prospective students will be paired with a current Spartan. Also, the admissions team will help facilitate each Spartan for the Day visit.

What Should I Wear to "Spartan For a Day?"

De La Salle High School, true to its Lasallian tradition, sets forth the following Grooming and Appearance Policy, which is in effect throughout the entire school day, including break and lunch:

  1. Shirts: All shirts must have a collar and sleeves. Any collared shirt is acceptable. T-shirts, tank tops, sweatshirts (with no collared shirt underneath), turtlenecks, and sleeveless shirts are not permitted. Undershirts and T-shirts may not hang lower than the outer, collared shirt or jacket. (Members of athletic teams are permitted to wear their game jerseys on certain days designated by their coaches and with the approval of the Dean of Students.)
  2. Pants: Casual pants or dress slacks are permitted. Shorts are also permitted, provided they do not extend below the knee. All pants and shorts must have a belt loop, and students must wear a belt. Gym attire, sweat pants, denim or jean pants, and jogging pants are not acceptable.
  3. Socks and Footwear: Socks and shoes, tennis shoes, or sandals are to be worn at all times. Flip flops are not acceptable footwear. All footwear must have a back strap.
  4. Hair: Hair must be neat and clean in appearance. The length must not extend beyond the bottom of the collar nor fall below the eyebrows. Exaggerated styles (e.g. tails, color, or excessive use of gels or spray) are not permitted. Students must maintain natural hair color. The final decision on acceptable hairstyle rests with the Deans.
  5. Facial Hair: Students must be clean-shaven. Sideburns may not extend below the bottom of the ear. A neat, trimmed mustache is acceptable with approval from the deans.
  6. Hats: Hats may be worn outside. Hats, or any other headwear (headbands, scarves, or hoods), should be removed from one’s head once inside any building.
  7. Jewelry: One earring per ear is acceptable. All other body piercing, such as eyebrows, tongues, etc., are not acceptable.

Where Should I Be Dropped Off?

Your ride should drop you off at 9:15am at the Main Office. Pick up will be at 12:20pm at the Main office.

What Should I Bring?

You are not required to bring anything. However you are welcome to bring a notebook and pen if you would like to take notes on your experience. Lunch will be provided.

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