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Camps & Clinics


e La Salle High School hosts athletic camps to provide a fun, skill-building week for kids. Appealing to local youth with a variety of athletic interests, De La Salle will offer sessions for Championship Football Camp, Basketball, Track and Field, Lacrosse, Wrestling, Volleyball, Baseball, Water Polo, Soccer, Rugby and Strength and Conditioning.  The mission of the De La Salle High School athletic camps is to offer children of all ages (male and female) the opportunity to participate and experience an enjoyable camp while at the same time providing assistance to the Bishop John S. Cummins program.

Camp Registration Includes:
  • Instruction from De La Salle Coaches, alumni and current student athletes
  • 1:8 coach to camper ratio
  • Camp Tee Shirt
  • Each camper will receive a certificate of participation
  • Weekly awards
  • Incoming 4th to 9th graders


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  • 2015 Summer Camps Flyer

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Payment Information

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  • For credit card payments, please call 925.288.8160.
  • Send checks to the address below:
  • (Please make checks payable to De La Salle High School)   

 Donald Van Bomel
1130 Winton Drive

 *Financial aid is not available for any of our camps.*

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    Next Level Logo_Small.pngNext Level Sports Foundation (NLSF) is proud to announce the launch of the Next Level Flag Football (NLFF) program at De La Salle High School. In partnership with De La Salle High School and the De Le Salle High School varsity football coaching staff headed by Justin Alumbaugh (varsity head coach), the NLFF program will serve youth sports participants in the East Bay communities of Walnut Creek, Concord, Pleasant Hill, Lafayette, Orinda and surrounding areas.

    The Next Level Flag season at De La Salle runs from Sunday, January 4th through Sunday, March 8th with games played most Sundays. For more information on Next Level Sports, visit www.nextlevelflag.com or click HERE for our program flyer.

     Registration for this season is closed.Check back regularly for information on next season!


    2015-16 De La Salle High School Youth Basketball Camps


    De La Salle Spartan Basketball After School Camps

    Welcome to the first season of the De La Salle Spartan Basketball After School Camps. The De La Salle Spartan Basketball After School Camps will focus on keeping things simple. We will stress the same things we stress to our players: Play Hard, Play Together, Play Smart, and have fun! We feel that by concentrating on these key things, all campers will have a great camp experience and, most important, have fun. We want to educate each camper so they have a solid base at becoming the best basketball player they can be.

    The purpose of each of the De La Salle Spartan Basketball Camp is to teach the fundamentals of basketball to various age levels, helping each participant to better understand the game. The De La Salle Spartan Basketball Camps will also aid in further development of individual skills through instruction, individual / multiplayer drills, as well as interaction with players off the court in a great camp setting. We focus on building a foundation of footwork, court awareness, dribbling, ball handling, passing and shooting skills. Campers will work hard but have fun!


    DLS Camp events coming soon.
    Please check back as new scheduling will be posted here.

    Session 1 - June 8-11 - M-TH - 8:30-12:30  Register Here button.jpg
                          Elite Basketball Training - 1:00-2:00  Register Here button.jpg
                         *2 different camp options
    Session 2 - June 29 - July 2 - M-TH - 8:30-12:30  
    Register Here button.jpg
                         Elite Basketball Training - 1:00-2:00  
    Register Here button.jpg
                         *2 different camp options
    Session 3 - July 6-9 - M-TH - 8:30-12:30  
    Register Here button.jpg
                         Elite Basketball Training - 1:00-2:00  
    Register Here button.jpg
                         *2 different camp options



    Bob Ladouceur's Championship Football Camp

    Bob Ladouceur’s Championship Football Camp was established in 1988 to help teach sound, fundamental offensive and defensive football techniques to the pre-high school player. The coaching staff will use demonstration and individual drills to teach basic skills to both beginning and experienced players. Proper warm-up, physical conditioning, skills drills and review are part of each scheduled session. Coach Ladouceur will be assisted by his regular coaching staff and selected former players. Full contact is not a priority at this camp.

    June 15-18 - Monday-Thursday - 8:30-3:30  
    Register Here button.jpg
    *Wait list only at this time...
    Quarterback / Wide Receiver Camp

    The purpose of the DLS QB/WR camp is to create an environment of greater understanding of, and the proficiency with, the fundamentals, techniques, skills, motivation, and sportsmanship necessary for success at the individual offensive skill positions in the sport of football. We also strive to expand the overall knowledge and strategy of offensive play and defensive coverage.  Areas of instruction:

    Quarterbacks — Stance, exchange, drops, set-up, sprint out, play action, screens, ball handling, option, reading defenses, and field leadership.

    Wide receivers — Stance, start, release, route running, cuts, receiving, blocking, and reading defense

    Session 1 - June 6th - 8:30-12:30  Register Here button.jpg
    Session 2 - June 13th - 8:30-12:30  Register Here button.jpg

    *Two separate camps. Same curriculum for both weeks!


    De La Salle Passing League Tourney - NFHS Schools ONLY

    - 16 Top tier Varsity teams from Northern California! June 20th, 2015  register button green.jpg
    - Guaranteed 4 highly competitive games.  Round and elimination tournament
    - Two Qualified Officials per game

    8:00 - 8:45 / check-in and warmups
    9:00 - 9:30 / First Round Pool Play
    9:35 - 10:05 / Second Round Pool Play
    10:15 - Third Round Pool Play
    12:00 - Lunch
    12:15 - Single Elimination

    Game Format
    - 7 on 7
    - 30 minute game
    - Helmets MANDATORY


     Strength and Conditioning

    Head S&C Coach / CampDirector Mark Wine CSCS – PT, PES, CES
    -  Incoming 9th & 10th graders
    De La Salle’s Strength & Conditioning clinics are in place to develop and train incoming high school students on how to be an athlete. Development movements and exercises will be emphasized to develop the young athlete’s core, neurological system, kinetic chain, range of motion, flexibility, and speed & agility. Our highly educated staff will put forth a system of checks that will progressively work the young athletes through a progressive program. Development, strength, core, speed & agility training, and flexibility will be emphasized. We will be teaching them proper lifting techniques in power lifting, resistance training, and Olympic weight lifting. By learning and developing with light weight first, the young athletes will dramatically increase their chance of athletic success while reducing their risk of injury during future and current sport and training activities.

    High School Weightlifting Clinic

    Session 1 - June 8-11 - 11:00-12:30  Register Here button.jpg
    Session 2 - June 22-25 - 11:00-12:30  Register Here button.jpg
    Session 3 - June 29-July 2 - 11:00-12:30  Register Here button.jpg

    2 - YOUTH CAMPS – (Incoming 5th-8th Graders)
    De La Salle Strength & Conditioning camps are a great way to give youth access to professional training that will enhance their athletic abilities. DLS’s head Strength & Conditioning coach will run the youngsters through development exercises and movements to improve their core strength, coordination, agility, overall strength, power and Speed! Speed training starts in the weight room and here at DLS we embrace that concept. Proper exercise techniques will also be taught to all of our camp youngsters. When they leave camp their running capabilities will be significantly enhanced. Explosiveness and agility will also be taught through youth-friendly plyometrics, partner drills, and competitions. Dynamic warm-ups and static stretching will be included to promote a proper warm-up, flexibility, and overall conditioning. The importance of nutrition in athletics will be presented as well.


    Session 1 - June 8-11 - 1:00-2:30  Register Here button.jpg
    Session 2 - June 22-25 - 1:00-2:30  Register Here button.jpg
    Session 3 - June 29-July 2 - 1:00-2:30  Register Here button.jpg



    A non-contact, technique oriented lineman camp that focuses on footwork and hand placement. No pads needed.

    Session 1 - June 22-25 - 8:30-10:30  Register Here button.jpg


    Track and Field

    The De La Salle track and field camp will give campers the chance to work with outstanding coaches and athletes. The camp will feature personalized instruction in high jump, long jump, triple jump, shot put, discus, sprints, hurdles, relays, and distance events. All participants will learn warm up and strengthening routines that are necessary for maximizing performance and reaching goals. Attention will also be given to the mental component of competition in an effort to properly prepare campers for success in track and field.

    Session 1 - June 22-25 - 8:30-12:30  Register Here button.jpg__________________________________________________________________



    The De La Salle wrestling camp is designed as an introductory and intermediate level camp. We will be emphasizing the fundamentals needed to learn more advanced sport specific wrestling skills and tactics. Our curriculum is geared to prepare campers for beginner and intermediate level competitions. The De La Salle wrestling camp has five different learning components: 1. Proper warm-up (stretching and lead-up exercises), 2. Kinesthetic awareness exercises (tumbling), 3. Review of basic wrestling skills and/or new wrestling skills, 4. Live wrestling, 5. Wrestling games. The emphasis is for each of our students to learn the basic fundamental skills needed to wrestle at the junior high and high school levels.

    Our wrestling camp for the summer has been canceled.

    Check back for more dates soon.



    The De La Salle Volleyball Camp will give boys and girls entering Grades 4 - 9, the opportunity to learn from the De La Salle coaching staff and former standout student athletes. The camp will emphasize the proper techniques for each players position and segment of the game. Drills and practice in all categories will be given to help strengthen and develop the player.

    Session 1 - June 22-25 - 8:30-12:30  Register Here button.jpg



    The DLS baseball camp will give young players a chance to further develop their skills in every facet of the game. The camp will emphasize the proper techniques for each player's position and segment of the game (running, stealing, throwing, receiving, hitting, bunting, pitching, catching, outfield play and infield play). Drills and practice in all categories will be given to help strengthen and develop the player. Games will also be played so the coaching staff will be able to analyze and help the camper in real game situations and scenarios. Each camper will work hard but enjoy while learning the finer points of baseball.

    Session 1 - June 22-25 - 8:30-12:30  Register Here button.jpg
    Session 2 - June 29-July 2 - 8:30-12:30  Register Here button.jpg


    The DLS soccer academy is an advanced level opportunity for the boys and girls who look to excel in all aspects of the game. Athletes can expect to participate in competitive drills, skill development exercises and daily competitions between campers.

    Session 1 - June 29-July 2 - 8:30-12:30  Register Here button.jpg



    The DLS fundamental camp teaches youth players the proper techniques to become an elite lacrosse athlete at the high school level and beyond. Youth players are taught in the same manner we teach our VARSITY players.

    Campers will be able to take the next step in competitiveness by learning and mastering proper shooting form, proper sliding and communication techniques, and how to move off-ball.

    Campers are exposed to the same skills and drills we take our Varsity players through each and every day at practice. We place great emphasis on understanding why we do something on the field. We show our campers what it takes be a De La Salle athlete, and campers get great exposure to our varsity coaching staff. Campers will leave the DLS fundamental camp with much better “Lacrosse IQ” and have the ability to play at a much faster pace.

    Campers will get hands on instruction from current varsity players and coaching Staff, as well as former DLS players who have successfully taken the next step into collegiate athletics. The De La Salle Lacrosse program has a rich tradition of doing things in a “Championship Manner”. Expose your camper to what it takes to become a Champion not only in sport, but life as well!

    All ages are encouraged to join, beginners are welcome.

    We can provide equipment but must know in advance.

    Session 1 - June 15-18 - 5:30 pm-8:30pm  CANCELED

    Session 2 - June 22-25 - 5:30 pm-8:30pm  Register Here button.jpg  

    Session 3- June 29 - July 2 - 5:30 pm-8:30pm  Register Here button.jpg



    Football Coaches Clinic 

    *Clinic Info TBA



    Peak Performance Swim Camp - 6/22 - 6/26

    De La Salle is proud to announce that we have partnered with Peak Performance Swim Camp this upcoming summer to offer swimmers (boys and girls 11-18) an opportunity to participate in a Stroke Technique Camp for Competitive Swimmers.

    The camp will run Monday 6/22-Friday 6/26.

    For more information and to register, please visit www.swimcamp.com now to reserve your spot!


    Water Polo


    The DLS Water Polo camp is a great opportunity for boys and girls to learn the game and/or enhance the skills that they already have. At our camp, youth players will learn all aspects of the sport from our experienced coaching staff. Camp runs Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday.

    July 6-29 - M/Tue/Thu/Fri - 3:30pm - 5:30pm - 10u, 12u & 13/14u  Register Here button.jpg

    *Conditioning Camp - August 10-14
    High School - 4pm-6pm  Register Here button.jpg

    5th-8th Graders  Register Here button.jpg
    The Age Group Water Polo Day Camps are designed for younger swimmers and polo players just starting to learn the sport. Camp emphasis will be on fundamental training and basic game skills. A strong swimming background is recommended for campers new to the sport, for safety reasons.  This camp will concentrate on the fundamentals that are vital for each player to take the next step in their game. Campers will be provided with insight into what it takes to play at a competitive level and have fun!





    If your child has ever wanted to learn how to jump, dive, flip or twist off a springboard diving board, this is the camp for him/her! In this camp, students will learn the fundamentals of springboard diving from the1-meter springboard.Techniques such as the forward and backward takeoff, proper diving entry mechanics, and the five diving groups (forward,back,reverse,inward,twisting) will be taught. Students will leave this camp with the basic knowledge and techniques needed to advance in the sport. Campers must be comfortable and know how to swim in deep water.

    Session 1 - July 20-31, M/W/F ONLY. 1-3pm  Register Here button.jpg