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2020 Science Fair

Concord, Calif., – Although the 2020 Contra Costa County Science and Engineering Fair at Los Medanos College was cancelled, awards were presented to students for their projects. Within a 48-hour time frame, boards were studied by teams of judges at a Judging Station, then selective phone interviews were then granted.  Seventy-eight percent of De La Salle’s students were interviewed by professional scientists and engineers.  Of the 100 projects submitted, 18 De La Salle students combined to collect 26 different awards.

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As you know, we are in unprecedented times. Information coming to us regarding COVID-19 seems to change by the minute. The long-term effects on our economy are still uncertain. We will get through this together as a Lasallian family by taking care of each other. 

This is the time of year that we announce our tuition increase for next year. The timing could not be worse. As we look around the United States, we see and hear of people being laid-off. I firmly believe that during this time our school is a haven for our students and families. 

We have been meeting to discuss the financial impact this may have on you and our school and have concluded that we will not increase our current tuition for the 2020-2021 school year. Our tuition will remain flat in an effort to weather this storm together, and we have significantly increased our financial aid budget.

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The De La Salle Spartan Store’s March Madness Sale is still a go and has been extended. The March Madness began on March 16 and will now run through April 20. During the sale, everything will be 20 percent off - including special orders.


Our Mission

De La Salle High School, steeped in its Lasallian Catholic identity, loves, instructs, and guides our students to become men of faith, integrity, and scholarship.

We do so in an atmosphere that is moral, caring, and joyful.

2019 DLS AP Pass Rate


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A De La Salle graduate is a Man of Faith Who prays and integrates Gospel values Serves others, especially the poor and the marginalized And appreciates our Catholic, Lasallian tradition.
A De La Salle graduate is a Man of Integrity Who respects himself and others, embraces social and personal responsibility, and nurtures a healthy lifestyle.                              
A De La Salle graduate is a Man of Scholarship Who thinks creatively, critically, independently, and collaboratively Strives for academic excellence And pursues life-long learning.

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