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Concord, Calif. - Has your son ever imagined himself as an attorney arguing a case in a real courtroom? Or maybe he’s a budding actor who really loves the chance to get into character for an audience? The Mock Trial class might be the perfect fit for a Social Studies elective next year!

2019-20 E3 Student Survey

The De La Salle High School 2019-20 E3 Student Survey opens Thursday, January 9, and will remain open until midnight, February 21. This annual survey is a requirement of our accreditation protocol.  Please encourage your son to complete the survey in a timely manner as all students must submit the survey in order to complete the course registration process for 2020-21 classes.

Annual Fund Logo

Concord, Calif. - The 2019 calendar year is coming to a close, but there is still much to be enjoyed and learned by our young men this school year. Help our students experience all De La Salle has to offer by giving a tax-deductible gift today.

2020 De La Salle Christmas Image

God loved the world so much that he gave us the gift of His only Son. The image of the candle symbolizes that Christ is the light of the world, and as the true spirit of Christmas inspires us all.  We hope you will be a guiding light to our students with a gift to the De La Salle Annual Fund, ensuring a commitment to our Lasallian values by enhancing and enriching our students’ educational experience.


Our Mission

De La Salle High School, steeped in its Lasallian Catholic identity, loves, instructs, and guides our students to become men of faith, integrity, and scholarship.

We do so in an atmosphere that is moral, caring, and joyful.

2019 DLS AP Pass Rate


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A De La Salle graduate is a Man of Faith Who prays and integrates Gospel values Serves others, especially the poor and the marginalized And appreciates our Catholic, Lasallian tradition.
A De La Salle graduate is a Man of Integrity Who respects himself and others, embraces social and personal responsibility, and nurtures a healthy lifestyle.                              
A De La Salle graduate is a Man of Scholarship Who thinks creatively, critically, independently, and collaboratively Strives for academic excellence And pursues life-long learning.

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