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De La Salle High School



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Freshmen cheering at a school rally

Welcome to De La Salle!

De La Salle shapes the lives of young men through faith, education, love, and guidance. 

Every action we take as a school intentionally supports the personal growth and development of those entrusted to our care. Our end goal is three-fold: to provide a rich and transformative educational experience that teaches the mind and touches the hearts of our students; to equip our students with the skills, confidence, character, and knowledge that they need to thrive in life; and to instill a passion for serving others - especially the poor and marginalized. 

Our all-boys high school operates in a spirit of trust and kindness and the Lasallian Catholic education that we provide is practical, comprehensive, accessible to all, and deliberately designed to help students in the East Bay make a successful transition to college. At the same time, we deliver a deep and vibrant school experience that fosters a true sense of belonging. 

The young men who form our student body are from various racial, ethnic, socioeconomic, cultural, and religious backgrounds, and enjoy a diverse range of lifestyles, experiences, and interests. Together with our faculty, staff, parents, and alumni, they help form a truly special community. One that is warm, welcoming, and inclusive. A community that values and respects everyone for who they are and who they want to become.

We hope the information you find on this website will inspire you to join De La Salle in its pursuit of excellence as we continue to empower students to reach their goals and make a real and immediate difference in the world.