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Board of Trustees

The Board of Trustees governs De La Salle High School. The San Francisco Province of the Brothers of the Christian Schools formed the Board of Trustees and entrusted it with the responsibility for ensuring that De La Salle remains vitally and effectively Lasallian. The Board’s sacred trust is the Lasallian mission of the school.

The Board operates on a “macro level”; it establishes broad policies and delegates the task of carrying out its policies to the President, the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of De La Salle High School.

De La Salle High School
Board of Trustees

Frank Wagner '73
Frank Wagner '73
Board Chair

Board of Trustees - Matt Haley
Matt Haley AP '08

Br. James Joost, FSC
Br. James Joost, FSC

Mike Niedermeyer AP '06

Darrell Williams
Darrell Williams AP '11

      AP = Alumni Parent

Victor Baker '92
Victor Baker '92

Denny Hintz

Denny Hintz, AP '94, '96

Glenda Morris
Glenda Morris AP '14

Matt Noonan
Matt Noonan AP '01, '09, '10

Board of Trustees - Br. Nick Gonzalez
Brother Nick Gonzalez, FSC

Board of Trustees - Teresa M. Hurlbut
Teresa M. Hurlbut
Ed.D., AP '98



Margie Morris

Margie Morris, AP '14

Marriane Payne AP '14
Marianne Payne, AP '14