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Annemarie Talmadge Named 2021 Lasallian Educator of the Year

DLSspartansConcord, Calif. - At the De La Salle High School St. La Salle Prayer Service held on Wednesday, April 28, Vice President for Academic Life, Dr. Heather Alumbaugh announced that Mrs. Annemarie Talmadge has been selected as the school’s 2021 Lasallian Educator of the Year. 

“Each year it is both a challenge and a blessing to choose the Lasallian Educator of the Year, especially among so many dedicated faculty,” Dr. Alumbaugh said. “ The commitment, respect, and love our faculty gives to our students is the same they show one another.”

The Lasallian Educator of the Year award honors an educator who is chosen by his or her peers to receive a very special award, and is given to a faculty member who exemplifies the qualities of St. La Salle…specifically meeting the following criteria:

  • A dedicated and committed individual who is an exemplary educator.

  • An educator who understands his/her own dignity as a child of God so that he/she can pass this on to students.

  • A person who cherishes and cares for his/her students like an older brother or sister, and, above all, someone who is committed to a life of faith and expresses that in a commitment to teach his or her students the importance of the spiritual life, inculcating living values.

DLSspartansA number of fellow faculty and staff members noted the following about Mrs. Talmadge, who is the Social Studies Department Chair:

  • One faculty member said: “Annemarie is an incredible educator and is professional, dedicated, and passionate. Her energy level and enthusiasm for her subject matter is contagious. Even in this unprecedented year, she has continued to be a passionate educator.”

  • Multiple peers recognized repeatedly Annemarie’s dedication to her students, and one summarized: “Mrs. Talmadge’s students love her – and she loves them. She is challenging and warm, demanding and approachable. Her classes are always sought after, and she regularly writes more recommendation letters for college than almost any other faculty member.” Put simply, as one teacher wrote, “Her dedication to both her students and the school is exceptional.”

  • Another colleague shared: “She is a very faith filled person who believes strongly in the dignity and well-being of each person created in the image and likeness of God. She most definitely is an example of showing dignity and respect to others.”

  • Two staff members composed a joint nomination for Mrs. Talmadge that epitomizes so much about her professional commitment to De La Salle High School: “She takes on so many duties around school including junior class moderator, department chair, responsibility of remodeling the Faculty mod, all with 100 percent effort and kind words to all. She has also been acknowledged through the Veterans of Foreign Wars - an outside organization - which means she is touching people outside De La Salle. She is also an amazing mother of elementary school children DURING A PANDEMIC.  She’s our Hero!”

Previous recipients of this award from our current faculty include Mr. Eidson, Mr. Ladouceur, Mr. Zorad, Mr. Hassett, Mr. Hirsch, Mrs. Stevenson, Mr. Oelschlager, Mrs. Acquistapace, Mr. Guthrie, Ms. Dickson, Mr. Berkes, Mr. Aliotti, Mrs. Appel, Mrs. Mattos, Mr. Graham, Mr. Aquino, and our dear Mr. Olwell. 


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