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Online Learning Plan to Run Through April 3

Following the March 16th shelter in place announcement by the Contra Costa Health Services (CCSH) office, which took effect at midnight on Tuesday, March 17, De La Salle extended it's on-campus class dismissal through Friday, April 3. De La Salle's move to our Flexible Learning Plan, via Schoologywill now run March 17 through April 3. CLICK HERE TO VIEW THE UPDATE SCHEDULE.

  • Assuming students are well, the expectation is that they continue to work/study online. If students are sick, parents are still required to call into the school’s attendance line at 925-288-8222.

  • Spring Break has been extended to two weeks, starting on April 4 through April 19. At this time, we expect on-campus classes to resume on Monday, April 20. 

  • We have created time/space for students to engage with each of their classes/teachers at an assigned day and time. Students will be held accountable for keeping up with their coursework, and everything will be channeled through Schoology.

Please note that this is uncharted territory - but this is your learning and your education. We are relying on students to be active and communicative to get the most out of this time that they can.

Please reference the Student Guidelines for Instructional Continuity for complete details. 

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