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The Winton Oracle Returns to De La Salle Through a Labor of Love

More than half a century ago, De La Salle and Carondelet shared something more than the year they were founded and the street that connected them. The two schools had a student newspaper that embodied the same “two campuses, one community” mantra that they enjoy today. While the original paper has not been published for many years, it made a lasting impression on one man who used to run it – Bob Montgomery ’70.

Like many alumni, Bob maintained a relationship with De La Salle after graduating. He has served on the Board of Trustees (including as Chairman) multiple times over the past two decades. Today, he gives back to the school through other volunteer opportunities and is part of the announcement crew at De La Salle sporting events. This is how he met (then) freshman Noah Wilson last year, and how Noah came to learn about the Winton Oracle.

Noah had always planned to be involved with an on-campus student paper when he moved to high school and was disappointed to discover that there wasn’t one when he arrived at De La Salle. However, his hope was renewed after meeting Bob and seeing some old Winton Oracle issues from 1968-1970. They provided Noah with the framework and inspiration he needed to relaunch a paper that serves both De La Salle and Carondelet students.

Last year Noah assembled a 21-person team from both campuses, all of whom are part of the Journalism Club, to create and successfully publish the first modern issue of Winton Oracle. Now with the foundation established, the group expects to publish monthly. The newspaper will focus on providing a mix of articles that span entertainment, student life, and campus activities, as well as general and local news and sports.

The first issue of the 2022-23 school year was published today in print form. Moving forward, all issues will also be available electronically through the Winton Oracle webpage on the De La Salle website.

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