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De La Salle Alumni COVID-19 Webinar Series Begins with Mental Health Discussion

On Tuesday, April 28 at 5 p.m. on a ZOOM Webinar format, the De La Salle Alumni Association hosted its first of many informational sessions. “Mental Health and COVID-19” was the title of the first installment of this important webinar program. Topics discussed included shelter-in-place parenting, the way stress and anxiety show up in men, how the virus creates feelings of grief, surviving quarantine with a teenager, what happens after quarantine, sharing techniques on remaining connected with your office team, how to leverage this disruption with those closest to you at work and how to lead with empathy. 

The session was facilitated by Al Amador ‘80, Principal Consultant, Table Group and Founder, Amador Consulting; Scott Drain ‘94, Director of Student Support Services at De La Salle High School; and Dr. Mike Rubino ’84, Founder and Psychotherapist, The Lucas Michael Rubino Family and Child Counseling Center.  Scott Roberts ’93, President of the De La Salle Alumni Association was the moderator for the event. 

The webinar lasted about one hour. There were a number of great questions asked and the discussion was very informative. Below there is a link to the recording of the session. 

The De La Salle Alumni Association is interested in holding more webinars with a variety of different topics in the upcoming weeks and months, even once the COVID-19 situation is over.  Please complete this brief survey to help us in determining what type of webinars the Spartan Community would be interested in seeing.  Please take just a couple of minutes to help us plan upcoming information sessions. If you or someone you know might be interested in hosting or being a part of a Spartan webinar program and providing important information for the De La Salle Community, please also indicate that as well. 

Thank you and Go Spartans! 

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