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2020-21 Back-To-School Letter

Dear Parents and Guardians,

This past week, we shared with you the unfortunate news that the 2020-21 school year will begin with distance learning. We would all agree that this is not the way any of us wanted to start the school year, yet we are more than confident that each and every one of the faculty and staff at De La Salle will meet this challenge head-on. We will continue to provide the educational, spiritual, and community experience that you have come to expect in your son’s journey.  

Throughout the summer, we have tried to keep you as informed as possible with multiple communications, as well as our Town Hall series which we will continue to host in the coming weeks. If you missed any of them, they can be found on our Virtual Town Hall Meetings webpage.

While we know this is going to be a very different start to the year than any of us have ever experienced, we are excited to share with you the following in preparation for the start of school:

  • De La Salle’s Flexible Learning Plan
  • Back to School Road Map Slide Show
  • 2020 Summer Checklist, that includes Welcome Back Letters from De La Salle Leadership
  • Freshman and Transfer Student Information
  • Enrollment Checklist information, Due by Monday, August 3rd

Flexible Learning Plan & Back to School Road Map

Throughout the summer, we have been working diligently on both our academic plans for the school year, as well as the logistical challenges of bringing our students back to campus in this COVID-19 world. We have created this Back-To-School Road Map presentation to guide you through this process.

Academically, it covers the distance learning model with which we will start the school year, along with the hybrid learning model, which we hope to move to as soon as allowed.

In addition, you will get a sense of all protocols and procedures for the students, faculty, and staff, once we are able to come back to campus.

*Please note that the Back-to-School Road Map presentation is a living document, and it will continue to be updated as the State and/or County begins to ease the restrictions and gives further guidance to the schools.

Summer Checklist

Our Summer Checklist is now LIVE. The Checklist has a number of items in the dropdown menus that are important to complete prior to school, namely information regarding tuition/finances, our online Technology Boot Camp Course that must be completed before the start of classes, applicable summer reading, and newly updated information on our textbook pick up and new student orientation. We encourage you to read the 2020-21 Summer Checklist for additional critical and practical information regarding the beginning of the school year. 

Distance Learning Webpage

There are many updates, reminders, and to do's for families and students to address before the start of the school year. Please refer to our Distance Learning/COVID-19 Response Webpage for important resources and updates about the school’s response to the pandemic. This page includes all back-to-school protocols, messages, resources, safety information, and more. We will continue to update this information regularly.

Enrollment Checklist

The Enrollment Checklist process must be completed through SchoolAdmin by all families on or before 3:00 p.m. on Monday, August 3, 2020. Reminders have been sent to those families who still have items to complete. 

We offer our families this prayer as we embark on a new school year:

God of love, who calls us each by name, you who bless us with talents and abilities that you ask us to share with our communities, and ask us to be your presence of love.

Deepen our commitment as bearers of the Lasallian Catholic Mission, to be people of the Lasallian Core Principles, that we might individually be a presence of your love, forgiveness, and mercy, in a world that greatly needs us.

Make us thoughtful people who serve with our full person, with both mind and heart.

We ask this through your Son, Jesus Christ, our Lord and Brother.


We hope that you enjoy the final days of summer, and I look forward to seeing you in early August. 

In the Spirit of Saint John Baptist de La Salle,

De La Salle President's Cabinet

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