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Annual Student Recognition Assembly Returns to De La Salle

On Friday, April 29 De La Salle High School held its annual Recognition Assembly in the Hofmann Center, after missing the last few years due to the COVID pandemic.

The Recognition Assembly allowed the school to recognize student clubs, organizations, academic and co-curricular programs, and events for their achievements over this past year as well as promote the programs for future students to get involved with. Clubs, groups, and programs were invited and self-selected to recognize their members and achievements, and was a mere sampling of all that goes on here on campus.

Also at the assembly, De La Salle juniors John Archidiacono, Charlie Kratus, and Daniel Berkes received the Brother Laurence Allen Memorial Award, faculty member Terry Eidson was recognized as the Perry Kelley Award winner, and Zeke Berry ’22 was named the Athlete of the Year.

De La Salle also had the pleasure of having former NASA employee and author of “Manners Will Take You Where Brains and Money Won’t: Lessons from 35 years at NASA and Momma’s Wisdom”, Donald James join the assembly to announce the Spartan science recognition students.

The assembly was put together by our Lasallian Leadership students with support and help from Mr. Greg Brown Davis, Ms. Nadine Ghammache, Mr. Jonathan Llama, Mr. Leo Lopoz, and Mr. Derricke Brown.

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