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School Closure Extended to May 1

We are all aware that for us as a school community it is not business as usual. Today, we received word from Contra Costa Health Services office and the Contra Costa County Office of Education that school closures and student dismissals have been extended until May 1st, with a return date of May 4th. This is two weeks longer than we had planned. The good news is that we have a little over a week before we have a two week Easter break and then just two more weeks to go. As we all know this is fluid and can change at any time, we will keep you informed as soon as we know something.

We will continue with our online learning to ensure we meet our goals of delivering quality instruction during this time. Dr. Alumbaugh and her team continue to do amazing work during this time as do our dedicated faculty and staff. You will be receiving a message from Dr. Alumbaugh’s office in the next few days regarding the school closure extension and our online learning instruction.

In the coming weeks, we will begin our planning for next year. As you know from an earlier email, there will be no tuition increase next year, and we as a school have made the necessary budget modifications based on that decision. On April 6th, you will receive the reregistration information for the 2020-2021 school year. Again, I know that this is not an opportune time to send this out, but we need to plan as best we can for next school year when this crisis is hopefully behind us. That being said, if you have any concerns please wait until you receive the email regarding next year’s tuition contract for further information. We will work with you the best way we can during this difficult time. De La Salle High School is a haven in which we will continue to educate young men of Faith, Integrity, and Scholarship.

Finally, as a Christian Brother said to me a few days ago – “It is with great consolation in knowing that our Founder, Saint John Baptist de La Salle, was a man of great practicality and even greater faith, a perfect model for times like these.” As the Founder once wrote to one of his Brothers who was experiencing difficulties, “Take care not to let yourself be discouraged by anxieties and ailments; life is full of them.” With God’s guidance, we will do the things that must be done to care for each other and ourselves, and we will weather this storm successfully by weathering it together.

Thank you for your continued partnership with us during this unprecedented time.

In the Spirit of Saint John Baptist de La Salle,

Mark DeMarco ‘78

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