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2021 Spartan Charity Challenge Ends on Tuesday, March 30

With the beginning of the Lenten season, De La Salle High School celebrated Ash Wednesday on February 17th, which kicked off an annual school fundraiser, the Spartan Charity Challenge.

This year the Spartan Charity Challenge will be a completely online fundraiser, and the school will be using the GoFundMe platform to collect donations. The Spartan Charity Challenge will run from February 17th and end on March 30th. 

Donations to this year’s Spartan Charity Challenge will support the Nativity Village School in Shinara, Eritrea, the Brothers’ Ministries in India and Sri Lanka, the De La Salle Brotherhood Fund, and Generation Alive.

This year’s goal is to raise at least $11,000 during the campaign. Since 1998, when the Spartan Charity Challenge began, De La Salle has raised and donated more than $237,000.  

Once again, this will be a class competition, and the prize for the class that raises the most will be modified dress for the rest of the school year.

When students go onto the Spartan Charity Challenge GoFundMe page – they will do the following:

  1. Click on Class Pages
  2. Click on Join A Team
  3. Select their appropriate class – freshman, sophomore, junior, senior
  4. Make their donation

**Please make note that they do not set up their own teams.  Only use the four class-specific campaigns that have already been established.  If they set up their own “team”, the money still goes to the overall campaign, but it will not count in the class standings.

Or, students can select the class donation page directly, by selecting the class below.

Thank you for your continued support of De La Salle High School, and we wish everyone a safe and happy Lenten season. 

Click here to donate to the 2021 Spartan Charity Challenge

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