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Statement for De La Salle Students from the Administration

Dear Students,

On January 6, we witnessed a disturbing and scary moment in our country. What we watched stood in stark contrast to all of the hopes and dreams that we have for you. 

We spend time every day with you as young men, teaching you to be moral, peaceful, and respectful of all people. In your classes, you learn about democracy and the rule of law and ethical decision making. On your clubs and teams, you learn about working together, despite disagreements, to accomplish common goals. 

The values that you learn and experience with us are valid and true, and we believe deeply in them as Lasallians and in the fact that you are men of faith, integrity, and scholarship.

Living our Lasallian principles of respect for all people, especially those who have been marginalized or targeted, and creating inclusive communities based on justice are as important now as they ever have been. 

Above all, we believe in the vitality of staying grounded in the Holy Presence of God.

Mr. De Marco shared with our whole community some thoughts prior to the election in November that still hold true today: “Let us respect our differences and each other. Let us do more than just tolerate differences of opinions. Let us continue to create conditions for respectful dialogue with our school community, which is key to our Mission. We invite all stakeholders in our community to hold true to the Catholic Lasallian Mission.”

He also shared a thought from Richard Brodhead, President of Duke University, who gave this advice after the 2016 election: “Whatever positions we hold in this election, we all have a stake in the future health of the national community, so we all need to find ways to lessen the negativism and division to re-engage for the common good.”

We want you to know that we are here for you and will continue to love, instruct, and guide you through these difficult times. We value your role in our community and believe in your promise.

The De La Salle President’s Cabinet and Administration

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