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The Spartan Bookstore Gets a Makeover

The Spartan Bookstore Gets a Makeover

Frequent visitors to De La Salle’s online Spartan Bookstore may have noticed that the website has been offline for a couple of weeks. This is because it was receiving the final touches of a complete makeover.

Following months of hard work, De La Salle is pleased to unveil the new and improved Spartan Bookstore. The refreshed store features better navigation, more detailed product information, and great imagery.

In celebration, De La Salle has launched a kick-off sale. Between now and December 13, customers can enjoy 10% off all online orders. It is the perfect opportunity to do a little Christmas shopping. Fill stockings with accessories like hats, bracelets, ties, and mugs. Or gift jackets, polos, hoodies, and more. Just use the code 10%OFF at checkout. But don’t wait too long. Items sell out quickly.

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