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Fostering Healthy Relationships and Respect in Our Sons: A Courageous Conversations for Dads

De La Salle is proud to welcome Mr. Gordon Braxton to campus for our annual RISE (Respect, Inclusion, Solidarity, and Empowerment) Week Assembly on Thursday, February 13.

RISE week was born out of Carondelet High School’s yearly participation in the One Billion Rising campaign and De La Salle’s efforts to galvanize young men as leaders and allies in the prevention of gender-based violence. This year, De La Salle expands its focus to address racial and anti-LGBTQ harassment and violence. This year, De La Salle has invited Mr. Gordon Braxton to speak to the student body. 

On the morning of February 13th, De La Salle fathers and male guardians are invited to attend a special FREE breakfast event:

Fostering Healthy Relationships and Respect in Our Sons: A Courageous Conversations for Dads
February 13, 8:00-9:15am, Hall of Fame Lobby
Presented by: Nationally Known Expert, Author and Activist on Sexual Misconduct and Healthy Relationships, Gordon Braxton
Topics: Relationship Resiliency; Consent Policies, Dating, Healthy vs. Unhealthy Relationships, Sexual Assault, Campus Rape, Legal Standards, Alcohol/Substance Use and More
Click Here to Read More About Gordon Braxton

The expectations and policies regarding appropriate interactions between romantic partners have changed dramatically within the last few years in the wake of #MeToo, Time’s Up, and Campus Title IX regulations.  If you don’t know the difference between “affirmative” consent and “effective” consent or what constitutes sexual misconduct, this presentation is a MUST.  In this interactive program, Gordon Braxton, provides a comprehensive review of all facets of sexual misconduct policies, from the definition of incapacitation to what constitutes coercions.  Learn ways to talk with your son about everything from sexting to intimacy to best prevent him from false allegations and victimization as well as bolster his confidence to confront disrespect amongst his peers.

Understand the way criminal, civil and campus “courts” address these issues, including liability for knowing about an incident, but not reporting what you know.  Become more confident in your ability to answer questions about false allegations and college expectations for behavior.  Learn whether your son should you buy someone a drink, pay for dinner on a date or even compliment someone’s outfit in the current climate?  Do you need to have verbal consent for a kiss?  How does someone’s use of alcohol, study-drugs, or marijuana affect their ability to give effective consent to that kiss?  Learn the consequences of social media use, text messaging or school-provided email transmissions with regard to college judicial systems.

This is the program about the college preparation needed for the social settings and judicial policies facing today’s male college student. Mr. Braxton provides case studies and examples for interactive discussion and building out the skills to better navigate these new standards and expectations.  The program content is sophisticated, specific and current around all issues pertaining to sexual interactions, and fathers are encouraged to take notes for their next father-son talk.

Learning Outcomes

  • Acquire methods for boys to pursue positive, legal, respectful intimate relationships and at any age or stage as appropriate for their values and morals.
  • Expand knowledge of legal standards for relationships, consent, harassment and exploitation.
  • Gain information for how to best prepare your son for increased scrutiny of his gender-related communication and relationships

Though the event is FREE, please register VIA THIS LINK if you are attending! Parking on campus is extremely limited, so please let us know if you are coming.

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