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De La Salle Faculty and Staff Continue MVP Training

On May 2-3, De La Salle High School continued its ongoing development through the Mentors in Violence Prevention for its faculty and staff. Over the two days, new members to the school’s faculty and staff engaged in dialog to understand the impacts of sexual harassment, gender violence, and bullying, and how prevention can be implemented at De La Salle High School through bystander intervention.

Here are some reflections from the recent De La Salle faculty and staff members that participated in this training session:

“This training certainly pushes for uncomfortable conversations about the unfortunate realities that we face every day. Listening to other people’s circumstances allows room for compassion and empathy, which leads to the change that we need.” – Judas Ochoa, Religious Studies teacher.

“I think men and boys are the most critical engines of change when it comes to reducing sexual violence.  The MVP work we are doing at De La Salle is a great start and I hope we continue to invest in these efforts.” – DJ Vierra, Health, Physical Education, and Recreation teacher.

“I found the training to be extremely eye-opening. It brought a lot of value to my professional life, working with kids of today and the challenges they face, as well as my personal life in how I see the challenges my wife and my daughter, deal with on a daily basis. Deep-diving into cultural norms of the past and today brought a great deal of awareness to how I will approach, and act, in certain situations.” – Tim Roberts ’88, Director of Alumni Relations.

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