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Town Hall Meeting #3 - State of the School

The first days of the new school year are just weeks away. During these past months, planning and preparing for the 2020-2021 school year has been challenging to say the least, but De La Salle High School will be ready for school to resume as scheduled on Wednesday, August 12. 

As we continue to gear up for the new school year, President Mark DeMarco and Vice President for Finance Lynne Jones got together on Zoom to discuss how the school is well situated both physically and financially for the year ahead, as this attached video will provide an update about the current "State of the School." 

Mr. DeMarco and Mrs. Jones discussed the following topics:

  • The overall health of the school;
  • COVID-19 Task Force update;
  • Scenarios for returning to school;
  • Enrollment;
  • How De La Salle has planned for the year ahead (as of the moment);
  • The financial health of the school (an overview of De La Salle’s financial cornerstones);
  • Information regarding financial aid and tuition assistance.

Click on the image above or CLICK HERE to watch the discussion. 

We understand that everyone wants to know what they can anticipate for the coming school year. Our goal is to continue to keep you informed on our planning and preparations to welcome your sons safely to campus this fall. We hope this session will provide a little more information as to where the school stands today, knowing that discussions and planning for the new school year are ongoing with school administrators. 

Future Town Hall Meetings
Save the date for our second Athletic Town Hall on July 23rd, to discuss how the CIF announcement on July 20th will impact the school’s athletic program for the year. We are also finalizing a date for a Town Hall the week of July 27th, focusing on Campus Life and Faith Life.

Previous Town Hall Meetings
The first De La Salle Town Hall took place on June 16, which focused on athletics, and the second town hall, focusing on academics, took place on June 25.  If you missed any of the De La Salle Town Halls, videos of these webinars are available on the school’s Virtual Town Hall Meetings webpage. 


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