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"Union in a community is a precious gem, which is why our Lord so often recommended it to his apostles before he died. If we lose this, we lose everything. Preserve it with care, therefore, if you want your community to survive." ~ St. John Baptist de La Salle

Published twice a year, our Union magazine is an important way for our current and alumni families to stay in touch. We feature stories with current students, teachers, clubs, athletes, and more, and we share the latest news from our more than 10,000 living alumni. There are many ways in which De La Salle keeps that connection, that "union," strong, and this magazine is one great way in which we provide that in-depth look at the happenings on Winton Drive. We encourage you to flip through these pages and discover the latest news, programs, and updates from De La Salle High School.

Union Editor:
Rich Davi, Communications Coordinator
(925) 288-8148


Spring 2021: Inside This Issue

After serving as the De La Salle President for the past 14 years, Mark DeMarco ’78 will retire after the completion of the 2020-21 school year. Including his time as a student, teacher, and President, Mark spent more than 20 years, or one-third of his life, on Winton Drive. For more information on the accomplishments achieved during his tenure as President, check out the story on pages 14-16.

On Track for Higher Education
Over the past year, the De La Salle College Counseling Office has had to make a number of changes to it's system to accommodate the many changes due to COVID-19 protocols. While there were many challenges to face, read about how De La Salle has made the rather smooth transition. 

Changes to Campus Life
From this story, readers will get a little understanding of how life on campus was impacted when students returned to campus for Hybrid Learning on October 26, 2020. 

Campus Ministry Pivots
Campus Ministry, like every department at De La Salle, had to adjust programs to fit state and country protocols. Read about how the Campus Ministry staff pivoted to meet these standards. 

Keeping the Conversation Current
De La Salle continues to engage in dialog regarding social justice and the impact on the school's campus. And you will also ready about De La Salle being featured in the book "To Raise a Boy". 

Making Lemonade out of Lemons
While classrooms in many parts of the country remained closed, read about how De La Salle was able to open its doors safely in October, and how faculty, staff, and students made the adjustment. 

Also Inside:

  • De La Salle New President David Holquin
  • 2019-20 Annual Financial Report
  • 2020 Fall Fundraising Success
  • Legacy Locker Program
  • De La Salle Reunions
  • What's Happening Alumni
  • De La Salle First Responders
  • 2021 Distinguished Alumnus of the Year
  • Bob Ladouceur Retires from Teaching
  • Athletic Competitions Return in February

Alumni - Keep in Touch!


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