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School Profile

Front of School signageDe La Salle High School is a private Catholic high school for young men founded in 1965 by the De La Salle Christian Brothers of the District of San Francisco.

De La Salle is located thirty miles east of San Francisco and primarily serves students of Contra Costa County. The campus, which lies on almost twenty acres, is characterized by openness and beauty, and can accommodate 1,050 students.

Facilities include a 400-seat theater, library, large music facility, gymnasium, pool and athletic field complex, computer center, a student center, STREAM (Science, Technology, Robotics, Engineering and Math) building, and learning center. The 300 wing of the school was renovated in the summer of 2016 to provide new math and art rooms and a multi-media design studio.


Student Demographics

Students at Homecoming Rally

The student population reflects the diversity found in the ethnic, cultural, and economic realities of the county, and the school encourages this diversity in the composition of its student body. The school population of approximately 1050 students is composed of African-American (4%), Latino/Hispanic (15%), Asian (4%), Caucasian (56%), Filipino (6%), multiracial (12%), American Indian (1%), Pacific Islander (1%) other (1%).

Administration and Faculty


Mr Shiveley and student in STREAMEighty-four dedicated professionals comprise De La Salle’s administration and faculty. Four members have earned doctoral degrees, and fifty one members have earned master’s degrees in their related fields of administration, teaching, counseling, or library services. De La Salle High School is served by a President/CEO. The President offers a school-wide vision and an enabling structure to accomplish the mission of our school. The President works in collaboration with and provides direction for the Vice-Presidents who serve as division leaders. The Vice-Presidents for Academic Life, Campus Life, Athletics, Advancement and Finance and Senior Staff for Office of the President constitute the President’s Cabinet. In addition, there are six counselors, two of whom are college counselors. The faculty is noted for its professionalism, warmth, support, and availability to students and their parents. The Campus Ministry program involves students of all faiths at every grade level.

Parent Involvement

The students’ families support the school with volunteer time (over 25,000 hours each year), through their participation in the Parent Association, Alumni Association, academic events, the performing arts programs, and interscholastic athletic events. This commitment of parental support is a distinguishing characteristic of De La Salle.


Mr Drain and new studentEach year the Admissions Committee considers applicants from approximately 100 parochial, private and public elementary schools. Enrollment is selective and acceptance is based upon the applicant’s performance on the High School Placement Test, academic records, recommendations of the principal, counselors, and teachers and may include a personal interview. The school seeks to attract students of varying academic abilities from diverse cultural, ethnic and socio-economic backgrounds. De La Salle promotes positive expectations in a supportive environment for students who can benefit from the Lasallian educational philosophy.

In response to the Lasallian mission to serve students from families with limited financial means, De La Salle provides financial assistance to approximately one third of the student body, 5% of whom receive substantial financial support.


BeakerDe La Salle is accredited by the Western Catholic Educational Association and the Western Association of Schools and Colleges. De La Salle received a full accreditation during the 2015-2016 school year. The next accreditation visit will be held in the 2021-2022 school year. De La Salle is affiliated with the National Association of College Admissions Counselors, the California Scholarship Federation, the National Honor Society, and the National Education Council of the Brothers of the Christian Schools.


De La Salle High School offers a college preparatory curriculum, including 30 advanced placement and honors courses in most disciplines. All major departments offer a full academic program and sequence of courses. There are a number of elective courses, as well as the ordinary prerequisite courses for college entrance. De La Salle’s curriculum provides a thorough education while meeting the individual needs of each student.

The curriculum is designed to provide a thorough education rooted in the traditions of the Catholic faith. It also seeks to meet the individual needs of each student as they prepare for college and life. The curriculum is coordinated with Carondelet High School, a private Catholic girls’ high school located across the street from De La Salle. Many upper-division classes are co-educational. Students are required to enroll in six class periods per day; any additional classes are beyond the minimum.

Graduation Requirements

English 40 Credits
Mathematics 30 Credits
Religious Studies 40 Credits
Social Studies 30 Credits
World Languages 20 Credits
Electives 25 Credits
Science 25 Credits
Fine Arts 10 Credits
Physical Education 20 Credits



AP/Honors classes are available in grades 9-12 and include these academic disciplines: English, Mathematics, Science, Social Studies, Visual & Performing Arts and World Languages. Advanced Placement courses include (with average score for 2018):

AP Biology(3.6), AP Calculus AB(4.85), AP Calculus BC(4.54), AP Chemistry(3.29), AP Computer Science(5), AP English Language and Composition(4.2), AP English Literature(3.56), AP Environmental Science(3), AP French Language(3),
AP Government(4.28), AP Italian Language(2.66), AP Latin(3.14), AP Psychology(3.8), AP Physics I(2.4), AP Physics C(4),
AP Spanish Language(4.25), AP Statistics(4.23), AP Studio Art(3.5) and AP U.S. History(4.09). Total # of AP students = 216, DLS pass rate = 89.40%, California pass rate = 64%. DLS three year pass rate 2017=84%, 2016=80%, 2015=82%

College Prep courses are coded “P” or “H” (Honors). Enrollment in honors and AP classes is limited depending on space available and the individual students’ qualifications. In order to enroll in Honors or AP courses, students must meet eligibility requirements and submit an application. Students over the age of 16 may participate in concurrent enrollment at any local community college.

Student Activities

De La Salle High School offers 14 interscholastic sports, two club sports: rugby and ice hockey, an intramural program, and 30 co-curricular activities, including National Honor Society, California Scholarship Federation, drama, band, student government, robotics, and yearbook. Campus Ministry provides many opportunities for students.

Grade Point Average (GPA)

Grade Point Average (G.P.A.) is weighted. Value is given to pluses and minuses. No A+ grades are issued. One extra grade point is designated for honors and AP courses. Total G.P.A. only includes courses taken at De La Salle. Remedial courses are not included.


De La Salle does not provide class ranking for its students, but deciles are provided below. Because the school has a selective student body and a college preparatory program, class rank could be misleading in determining a student’s ability to successfully complete college work. Any courses repeated to earn a higher mark or enrichment courses taken elsewhere are noted on the transcript but not calculated into the De La Salle cumulative G.P.A.

Class of 2019 weighted G.P.A. distribution – 6th Semester cumulative grades – 246 students

1st Decile 4.11-4.57 G.P.A.
2nd Decile 3.88-4.10 G.P.A.
3rd Decile 3.64-3.87 G.P.A.
4th Decile 3.48-3.63 G.P.A.
5th Decile 3.31-3.47 G.P.A.
6th through 10th Decile 1.94-3.30 G.P.A.


Testing Information - Class of 2018 – New SAT: 205 students; ACT: 204 students
New SAT Means: Evidenced Based Reading & Writing – 610 Math – 610
Mid 50%: Evidenced Based Reading & Writing…560-660 Math…550-680
Total SAT 1220 (Mid 50% 1115-1320)
ACT – Composite Mean: 25.5 Mid 50%: 23-29

College Matriculation: Class of 2019

  • 81% Four-Year Institutions (200 students) and 17% to two-year institutions (42 students)
  • California four-year institutions: 85 students (35% of the class) at 32 schools (18 public, 14 private)
  • Out-of-State four-year institutions: 115 students (47% of the class) at 58 schools (32 public, 26 private) in 30 states and Scotland.
Photos from the Baccalaureate Mass of May 19, 2017 and the Graduation Ceremony of May 21, 2017


The Transcript is considered OFFICIAL only when "Official Transcript" seal is unbroken and affixed to envelope

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August 23, 2018


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