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A student playing a guitar with his friends


Our communications department is primarily responsible for sharing the many accomplishments and activities of our students, faculty, staff, alumni, and coaches. We do this in a number of ways, including:

Social Media

The best way to learn about what is happening on campus, at any given time, is to follow our Facebook and Instagram pages which are updated daily.



Located on our school website, De La Salle News is the go-to location to learn about major celebrations, awards, sporting achievements, and faculty/staff/coaching appointments.


Issued monthly, Spartan Spotlight is a parent e-newsletter designed to help parents keep track of the specific events, activities, and action items associated with our school. 


Union Magazine

Created for our entire community, Union Magazine is a bi-annual print publication that is distributed in the fall and spring.


Media Requests

All media requests, including interview requests for faculty, staff, or students, should be emailed to either, or directly to Michelle Erickson, Director of Communications, or Rich Davi, Communications Coordinator. Members of the media are asked to refrain from contacting De La Salle students and faculty directly.

Story Ideas

We are always interested in receiving news and story ideas that may be of interest to our De La Salle community. If you would like to share such information with our Communications Department, please email Where possible, include a brief description, your contact information, and any photos, graphics, or videos that support the news/story.

Communications Staff

Mark Chiarucci
Mr. Mark Chiarucci

Vice President for Advancement
(925) 288-8106

Michelle Erickson
Mrs. Michelle Erickson

Director of Communications
(925) 288-8153

Rich Davi
Mr. Rich Davi

Communications Coordinator
(925) 288-8148