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De La Salle High School



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Christian Brothers by the cross in the Inner Court

The Christian Brothers

The Brothers of the Christian Schools (also known as "the De La Salle Christian Brothers," or simply "the Christian Brothers") is a religious order of men devoted to education. They live in community and profess vows to bind them closer to God and to free themselves to fulfill their mission. There are no ordained priests or deacons in the Brothers.

The Brothers of the Christian Schools founded De La Salle High School in 1965. Although our school does not currently have the number of Christian Brothers on campus as we did when we began, it is still sponsored by them. Moreover, our faculty and staff operate according to the educational and spiritual principles of the Brothers and their founder, Saint John Baptist de La Salle. Indeed, the Five Core Principles guide the work of any Lasallian school.

At the same time, our Board of Trustees ensures that the Catholic and Lasallian principles on which we were founded, remain very much alive. Our school is also associated with the other schools and educational works of the District of San Francisco New Orleans.