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October 2023 - Leo Lopoz, VP for Athletics

October 2023 - Leo Lopoz, VP for Athletics

Hello Spartan Nation!  

I am writing this letter following another successful Homecoming Week that included many events for our students and culminated with a great football game, two dances, and the 2023 Athletic Hall of Fame. The enthusiasm and Spartan spirit that was witnessed by so many reminded me that we are blessed to be part of an incredible community where we can all feel part of something bigger than ourselves. Thank you to everyone who participated and helped continue the tradition of this truly special week for our community.    

I am often asked what makes De La Salle athletics so special. There are many factors that I believe contribute to the excellence that student-athletes experience at Winton Drive. The foundation to success (on and off the field of play) starts and ends with our department’s vision statement. The De La Salle Athletic Department offers an educational athletic program that is student-centered and focused on academics, athletics, Catholic faith, and service. In collaboration with our community, coaches strive to teach both skills and life lessons to our students so that they can graduate as men of faith, integrity, and scholarship. The journey is never easy, and the commitment to being the best we can be is a daunting challenge that we accept and embrace every day.  

What does today’s Spartan student-athlete look like? First and foremost, Spartans are students first, athletes second. A Spartan athlete recognizes that his opportunity to be a part of a nationally respected program is a privilege and not a right. He is committed to the classroom and maintaining a 3.0 GPA average or better season after season, year after year. He is committed to service and leadership; from participating in donation drives, to reading books at local diocesan schools, to volunteering at local non-profits. At the same time, he exhibits great leadership in all areas of campus. And, he is a man of faith.   

I can't thank all the people who help provide opportunities for our student-athletes enough. We have over 100 coaches and staff annually who dedicate their lives to maintaining tradition and being part of our students' journeys. They are teachers first and coaches second. The field of play is an extension of the traditional classroom, and we continue to collaborate with all areas of the school to teach life lessons that will serve our students during their time at De La Salle and beyond. We are also blessed by a community of dedicated volunteers, parents, faculty, staff, and alumni.

The athletic department strives to bring our entire community together to support one another in times of success, as well as times when we come up short of our desired goals. But, equally important, we are constantly seeking ways to get better. I touched base in the last Spotlight about the importance of being the best we can be in the stands. I therefore challenge our community to be known as a community that exemplifies great sportsmanship and class at all times.  

  1. Let Players play
  2. Let Coaches coach
  3. Let Officials officiate  
  4. Parents cheer on our student-athletes and show the highest level of class and respect to all involved in the game

Please help us promote the Spartan Code of Conduct.

In closing, let’s celebrate the great tradition of De La Salle athletics and focus on supporting the next chapter of our story; to help our students achieve their dreams and add their name to the legacy of our program. 

Mr.  Leo Lopoz
Vice President for Athletics


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