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February 2023 - David Holquin, President

February 2023 - David Holquin, President

Dear De La Salle Community:

Today I was privileged to join a group of sophomores on their Metanoia Retreat. Metanoia, from Greek, means a transformative change of heart. I witnessed just that. Our young men leaned in and confronted instances when they could make better choices, live with integrity, and ultimately love. It begs a Lasallian Catholic question, “How can I love those around me more deeply?” 

So, too, our founder, St. John Baptist de La Salle, understood that genuine relationships must be formed first before education can begin. He extols us “By the care you take of your students show that you have a real love for them” (Med 80.3) so that, “The more loving you are to the young, the greater will be the effects of God’s grace” (Med 134.2). Therefore, it is all the more significant that the first action word from our Mission Statement is the word, LOVE! I, and our talented staff and coaches, don’t take love for granted – which seems fitting in this month of February. 

How we show love is varied, to be sure. It might be in how we approached our curricular innovation work led by Dr. Alumbaugh, who reminds us that our framework for decision-making must be mission-driven, student-centered, and data-informed. Or how our Diversity, Inclusion, and Belonging Task Force continues to seek input from students on our Statement of Belonging. Or, aligned with our Lasallian Catholic heritage, taking the time to collaborate with Carondelet on RISE to foster healthy relationships and end gender-based violence. Or watching our young men root for one another at sporting competitions, Mock Trial, or in the classroom. Or celebrating Catholic Schools Week, Black History Month, Lunar New Year (last month), or Laps for Life. Or gathering at the Colombo Club, supporting the Mega Drive, or checking in on a friend who is having a bad day. I could go on and on.

One final way we love is through our planning. We are nearing the end of our Strategic Planning process, and I cannot wait to share the plan that will drive our work for the next five years. I am enthusiastic about it because we keep asking always and ever more, how can we best serve the young men entrusted to our care? How can we meet them where they are, challenge them to heights they didn’t imagine possible, and provide a premier learning environment? We believe in our young men, in their capacity, and in the impact of our singularity to form Men of Faith, Integrity, and Scholarship. Be on the lookout for communications as we chart our boundless future. 

In his papal encyclical, Deus Caritas Est, Pope Benedict said: “Love grows through love.” As we prepare for the Lenten season, let’s all ask ourselves, “How can I love those around me more deeply, so love grows through my love?”

Live Jesus in our Hearts. Forever.

David J. Holquin
President, De La Salle High School


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