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De La Salle High School



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Our Mission

Our Mission is comprised of four tenets:

Green Number 1

De La Salle High School is a Roman Catholic educational community where students are loved, instructed, and guided according to the traditions of the Brothers of the Christian Schools and the charism of Saint John Baptist de La Salle, Founder of the Brothers and Patron of Teachers.ies and all those who are committed to living the Lasallian heritage.

Green Number 2

De La Salle High School provides a Lasallian Catholic education rooted in liberal arts that prepares young people for life and college. The School seeks to educate students spiritually, academically, physically, and socially through the promotion of a vital faith life, sponsorship of strong academic programs, a wide range of student activities, and the witness of a concerned and dedicated faculty, administration, and staff.

Green Number 3

 De La Salle High School recognizes and promotes the dignity of each student by providing an environment that is moral, caring, and joyful. Within such a setting, the School seeks to challenge its students to serve others, especially the poor, and to deepen a sense of responsibility for humanity's future.

Green Number 4

De La Salle High School seeks to serve and embrace students with varied academic needs and diverse social, cultural, and economic backgrounds and does so in partnership with families and all those who are committed to living the Lasallian heritage.