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Students on campus the last day of school year

Diversity, Inclusion, Belonging

In support of our school’s Lasallian mission, we are committed to promoting positive social relations within a diverse group of students and to building a healthy school environment that consists of respectful and culturally sensitive interactions between students and between students and faculty.

We work hard to create an inclusive Catholic educational program and pedagogy that fosters respect for others, appreciation of individual, cultural, and socioeconomic differences, and commitment to social responsibility, equity, and justice.

At the same time, we value and recognize that the many expressions of diversity add to our school community. We, therefore, strive to ensure the inclusion of these identities in the culture of our school. We believe this helps prepare our students to be active and positive participants and contributors to society.

Each day, our students aspire to live our five Lasallian Core Principles through their actions in the classroom, on the field, and in the community. For our part, we pledge to continue the ongoing education of our students as it relates to important social issues that impact them on a daily basis.

Our dedicated programming focuses on how the De La Salle community should (and does) practice Respect for All Persons to create an Inclusive Community. The themes of Diversity, Inclusion, and Belonging (DIB) serve as the foundation of our approach to educating our young men about the importance of respect for one another. This effort starts freshman year with our SCORE program, which places upper-class student leaders with 9th grade students for the purpose of promoting positive social relations. Other programs include bystander training as well as an educational speaker series that happens throughout the school year. 

In recent years we have developed ongoing relationships with Dr. Jackson Katz, CEO of Mentors in Violence Prevention Strategies, and Ashanti Branch, founder of the Ever Forward Program.

Education for students, student-leaders, faculty, staff, and administrators continues throughout each school year.

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De La Salle High School is committed to promoting positive social relations within a diverse group of students and to building a healthy school environment that consists of respectful and culturally sensitive interactions between students and faculty.

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De La Salle High School strives to be a united community where diversity is respected and no one is left out or left behind. All are asked to recognize and embrace one another’s unique stories and qualities as unique and sacred features.

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De La Salle High School engages its members in a concerted effort to respect the dignity of all persons. It calls all to respect-filled relationships as the heart of Lasallian education and a key expression of their identity as children of God.

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