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The Health Physical Education and Recreation Department has as its Mr Matt Castello and a Health Classmission to promote a healthful lifestyle by cultivating an understanding of the importance of wellness and activity throughout one's lifetime. This will be accomplished through both classroom instruction and activity to identify and adopt behaviors that affect students positively both currently and in the future.


Our mission is supported by the following beliefs, which form the department's philosophy:

  • We believe that a kinesethetic approach to learning is beneficial in acquiring lifelong skills.
  • We believe that establishing health literacy empowers students with skills to manage their own healthful lifestyles.
  • We believe that teamwork and sportsmanship are essential for socialization that fosters proper values in cooperation, collaboration, and respect.
  • We believe that understanding injury prevention, care, and management are necessary to maintain a long, healthy, and active life.

HPER Department Members

Mr. Douglas Bauman

Phone Numbers:
School: 925-288-8100 ext. 7126

Mr. Gregory MacArthur '03

Phone Numbers:
School: 925-288-8100 ext. 7067

Mr. DJ Vierra

Phone Numbers:
School: 925-288-8100 ext. 7065

Mr. Mark Wine