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The Math Department strives to provide students with instruction, Mrs Marnellguidance, and care within the traditions of the Brothers of the Christian Schools.


The De La Salle Math Department is an educational community whose task is to engender in its students an understanding of, an appreciation for, and a desire to delve more deeply into the science and art of mathematics. The department strives to provide students with instruction, guidance, and care within the traditions of the Brothers of the Christian Schools. The department recognizes the diversity of learning styles and abilities among its students and provides for these. The department seeks to emphasize growth in the students' faculties of analytic reasoning and imagination. We seek to develop student's skills in communicating with the language of mathematics. Moreover, the department strives to emphasize skills and interest in problem-solving and relevant applications in society.

Ms. Danielle Garrison


  • We believe that a worthwhile mathematics program lays a foundation of basic mathematics, nurtures problem-solving abilities, stimulates a quest for mastery of challenging mathematical concepts, and cultivates an appreciation for the inherent beauty of mathematics.
  • We believe that our math program will be able to do the most for our students when teachers are thorough in preparation and assessment, and when they both encourage and learn from one another.
  • We believe that our students respond best when treated fairly and with dignity and respect.
  • We believe that leading students into the world of mathematics is a unique professional calling that demands total mastery of the subject and continual updating.
  • We believe that the use of technology is necessary in our instructional modes.
  • We believe all students, regardless of future educational goals, have the right to courses of study that will best serve their needs.
  • We believe that a good understanding of the structure of mathematics and its applications in our society is integral to our students' preparation for productive functioning in our modern world.
  • We believe that we must promote excellence, genuine learning and an appreciation for mathematics.