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De La Salle students knowledgeable in science and technology are better able to act as stewards of the environment and will respond to social and political challenges with awareness and respect for the common thread of all life.


Students of De La Salle High School's Science Department will demonstrate an overall understanding of the concepts and methods in science and be able to function in a technology - based world. This understanding will allow students to act as informed citizens, aware of and able to meet the social and environmental challenges of their world.

Mr. David Nelson


We believe that understanding scientific concepts creates a scientifically literate student who can effectively communicate scientific concepts using common science vocabulary.

We believe that fostering an interface between the student and technology will help the student apply scientific concepts to practical life experience, and demonstrate the positive role that technology can play in helping the student express his creative ideas.

We believe understanding the processes and practices of science leads students to form objective perceptions, think critically, and form accurate conclusions.