Les Hommes De Foi

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Social Studies

Ms. Annmarie Talmadge


The Social Studies Department serves students with varied academic needs. We actively encourage students to investigate and value all social, cultural, and economic backgrounds. The success of the department's mission is enhanced by partnership with parents and all those committed to living the Lasallian heritage.


We believe that a comprehensive Social Studies program provides an appreciation of human culture, an understanding of the American tradition and a framework for analysis of problems and decisions associated with humanity.

We have chosen to teach the social sciences, which are fundamental to a shared social existence because of our interest in people and our understanding of the impact of historical and social events on each of us.

We value the lessons of our life experiences, respect each other and our differing points of view, and appreciate those elements that contribute to the story we all live.

We are committed to providing a classroom environment where all students feel safe to express their views.

We recognize a variety of learning styles and adapt our teaching methodologies to meet our students' needs.

We believe critical thinking skills should be taught throughout our curriculum.

We believe in the importance of teaching diversity and acceptance.

We encourage our students to make a difference by getting involved in their communities.