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World Languages

Nuestros Pequeños cultural presentation to World Languages classes


The mission of the De La Salle High School World Languages Department is to offer a variety of modern and classical languages for the enrichment of our students. The department does so in light of the Lasallian heritage which inspires its efforts.

We provide our students the opportunity to learn more than language by offering a variety of languages and including a study of their diverse cultures. We do so in order to meet the various needs and goals of our students. We intend that our students come to a better understanding of their own language through the acquisition of a second language.

Our work assists students to acquire the four language skills of listening, speaking, reading and writing as it pertains to the language studied. We encourage students to continue their study of a second language as long as possible. It is our hope that students will demonstrate an increasing competency with each additional year of study.

Therefore, our mission is to help students increase their proficiency in the language of their choice realizing, however, that proficiency and fluency are long-range goals.


The philosophy of the World Languages Department supports providing a curriculum which is proficiency-based and centered on developing the productive skills of speaking and writing, as well as the receptive skills of listening and reading. We believe that language instruction should focus on helping students build competence in language skills. We believe that communicative, student-centered activities, whenever possible, are the best means available for attaining this.

We believe in and encourage nurturing environments which allow students to feel comfortable using the target language to the best of their abilities.

We believe in the adoption of texts and auxiliary materials which provide opportunities for the active use of language skills.

We believe that when students attain their maximum competency within their own ability, they will experience a sense of satisfaction. We further believe that this achievement will enhance the students' overall language skills.

We believe that we should emphasize the value of acquiring a second language, regardless of the path chosen by the students. Therefore, we present contexts in which the knowledge of a second language is useful in today's world. We believe in maintaining an updated awareness of trends and publications in the teaching of world languages through attendance at conferences and workshops, review of available texts and supplemental materials, departmental dialogue, and travel. We believe this approach will not only help the students learn, but will also encourage them to develop an attitude of respect and appreciation for the cultural and linguistic diversity of the immediate environment, their nation, and the world.