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E3 Student Survey 2019

Welcome to the De La Salle High School 2018-19 E3 Student Survey. The survey link opens Friday, January 11th, and remains open until midnight, February 3rd.

Our annual survey is a data collection opportunity required as part of our accreditation protocol. We ask that all students (including seniors) complete the survey in a timely manner. It takes most students about 30 to 45 minutes to finish. Submission of the survey is REQUIRED for current freshman, sophomores, and juniors in order to complete their course registration for 2019-20 classes.

Course registration for all returning students begins on Monday, January 28th.

Students may take the survey on any computer or mobile device, at home or elsewhere, at their convenience. 
STUDENT NOTE: If you begin the survey on one device or computer and must stop before completing it, YOU MUST COME BACK TO THE SAME DEVICE OR COMPUTER ON WHICH YOU BEGAN or you will lose all previous responses. This is the only way that answers already given will be saved and stored.

We recommend that you take the survey on your OWN PERSONAL DEVICE (phone, tablet, or computer) so that you don't have to finish it in one sitting.

To go to the survey, CLICK HERE or click on the image below.