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Education Technology

Summer 2021
Tech Boot Camp Course & Tech Check Information

What do I have to do over the summer?

Two things: Tech Boot Camp (online, July) & Tech Check (during Orientation in August)

How do students access their online school resources?

Over the summer, students will receive the username/password information to access a variety of online tools they will use at De La Salle:

  • PowerSchool- for grades and attendance info
  • Schoology- our Learning Management System (LMS) for homework assignment & online course content
  • Google Drive/Gmail- student email and content creating tools
  • Office 365- another cloud storage for student work and content creation
  • Tech Boot Camp- a self-paced, online course to orient students to their school technology tools (Available in July)

​​What is Tech Boot Camp?

To help students get ready for their high school experience, incoming students must complete Tech Boot Camp; a self-paced, online course {available to students in July) that orients them to using G-Suite (Google Apps for Education) PowerSchool, and the school’s Learning Management System(LMS): Schoology. In addition, topics concerning Digital Citizenship will be covered such as controlling your digital footprint, appropriate/fair use of online resources, and managing technology distractions. Upon completion of the course, students will receive a Certificate of Completion emailed to them.

What is Tech Check?

Once a student completes the online Tech Boot Camp course and earns the Certificate of Completion, students must bring laptop to school during our MANDATORY New Student Orientation, Monday, August 9th from 9am-3:30pm

  • Tech Check is one of the stations students will rotate through, where we will pair student laptops with the DLS wireless network and be able to print wirelessly to campus printers. If you miss Orientation & Tech Check, you will not be ready for the first day of school to access your online resources!

Additional Resources

Student Technology Resources Page

Parent Technology Resources Page

  • Tech Boot Camp/Tech Check Info
  • BYOL Specs & Recommendations
  • Schoology for Parents Info
  • Distraction Management Tools
  • Common Sense Media Parent Resources
  • Articles and advice
  • Device Tracking Tools

The Educational Technology Department works in conjunction with Information Technology to provide De La Salle students, faculty, and staff with a wide range of technology tools and access to collaboration and create whenever and wherever they are.

De La Salle's Bring Your Own Laptop (BYOL) Program

De La Salle High School believes in the use of technology to engage, expand, and supplement student learning across the curriculum. To this end, De La Salle operates in a Bring Your Own Laptop (BYOL) environment for all students.

Students in grades 9-12 grade students must have a laptop for daily academic use. These students are asked to bring a laptop each day, meeting the following minimum requirements:

  • Windows laptop: Microsoft Windows 7 (service pack 1) or higher; Windows “hybrids” such as the Surface Pro 3 are acceptable. Mac laptop: Mac OS 10.8 (Mountain Lion) or higher.
  • De La Salle does not recommend a particular brand of laptop; roughly 50% of our students use Mac devices and 50% use Windows. Please consider a laptop that is a good value for durability. Lenovo and Dell make some very durable and price-conscious models.
  • No need to purchase Microsoft Office (Word, Excel, PowerPoint) or equivalent office suite (OpenOffice, Pages, Keynote, Numbers, etc.). De La Salle will provide a student license for the Microsoft Office/365 suite to ALL students at Tech Boot Camp.
  • Protective sleeve or case.
  • Headphones/earbuds.
  • It is highly recommended that families acquire an extended warranty that includes accidental damage protection (such as GeekSquad, HP CarePack Services, etc.), which covers against drops, breaks, and spills (the most common damage). Also note that AppleCare does NOT include accidental damage protection.

Please note: Chromebooks and/or tablets such as Apple iPads and Android devices, readers, and smartphones are NOT sufficient for day-to-day use in the 9th-grade year.

Students qualifying for financial aid will be considered
for assistance in securing laptops.

FAQs about Educational Technology


While De La Salle does not recommend a particular brand of laptop; roughly 50% of our students use Mac devices and 50% use Windows.

Because transitioning from middle school to high school is complicated in and of itself, have students bring a laptop they are currently using (if applicable); there is no need to go out and buy a new laptop if the existing laptop meets the standard. Perhaps a discussion and decision to purchase a newer device can be had after your son has experienced a semester of school at De La Salle and is in a better position to judge what type of laptop will complement his workload.

Please consider a laptop that is a good value for durability. Lenovo and Dell make some very durable and price-conscious models. We currently use the Dell Latitude Model 3340 for our teacher laptops.

De La Salle High School recognizes that not all students have the resources to acquire devices. Students qualifying for financial aid will be eligible for use of/access to a long-term loaned device.

Contact Mr. Jay Juarez, IT Director, if you qualify for a loaned device: juarezj@dlshs.org