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Parent Association

The De La Salle Parent Association is a group of volunteers who work on behalf of students, faculty and staff. The Parent Association organizes many events throughout the year, including the very popular Crab Feed.

The Parent Association also supports the efforts of faculty and staff in their mission to educate our boys by providing hundreds of hours of volunteer service.

For questions, you may contact one of the current Parent Association Board members or email us at parentassociation@dlshs.org.

2021-22 Parent Association Meeting Schedule

Parent Association Meeting Minutes


2020-21 Parent Association Board

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Rebecca Ainsworth

Job Title: Junior Class Representative

Jennifer Baker

Job Title: Sophomore Class Representative

Veronica Blanco

Job Title: Crab Feed Chair

Marnie Carter

Job Title: Lead Team Parent

Laura Flannigan

Job Title: Senior Class Representative

Amber Hom-Tooze

Job Title: Volunteer Coordinator
1 2 3 > showing 1 - 6 of 17 constituents