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De La Salle Parent Association Meeting Minutes - September 10, 2018

De La Salle Parent Association Meeting Minutes - September 10, 2018
Rich Davi

Minutes for DLS Parent Association Meeting 
Recording Minutes – Tami Lightle
September 10, 2018

Kris Earle, Parent Association Vice President, called the meeting to order at 7:01 p.m.

Opening prayer: Jean Sherlock

Welcome and Introductions: Kris Earle, Parent Association Vice President

Highlights of the Upcoming Year:  Dr. Heather Alumbaugh, Vice President for Academic Life

  • Dr. Alumbaugh briefly recapped the history of the 2015 accreditation committee and the fact that De La Salle passed with flying colors.  DLS picked five areas to focus on and improve:  Learning Center, Comprehensive Reading Assessments, Communication Flow, Admission Practices and Redemption Policies.  Most of these were fulfilled within two years.
  • DLS then looked for more areas where they could improve, so focused on issues related to health and achievement and assessments and the grading process.
  • Dr. Alumbaugh’s team makes sure that Schoology is being used correctly and that grades are being entered in a timely manner.
  • Over the years, DLS SAT/ACT scores have stayed flat.  AP scores are going up.
  • Dr. Alumbaugh’s focus is on where the boys are starting and then where they are ending up at the end of their high school career.  This data is kept private for internal use only.
  • Amount of homework will not change.  Already at the low end of the spectrum.
  • Of the 1,100 responses that have been received on surveys, people say that family/community is the #1 priority, followed by stronger emotional well-being and better educational outcomes.
  • Kids need more sleep.  Looking at ways to emphasize this message.  Possible presentation to boys and also to parents.
  • Violence prevention has been introduced in Sophomore religion classes.

Spartan Update: Jack Dyer, Vice President for Campus Life

  • Advice to remind boys to have courage and learn to advocate for themselves; develop a repertoire with their teachers
  • Flyer will go out to all Senior Parents regarding senior yearbook ads
  • Back to School Night 9/6 – successful
  • Faculty retreat 9/7 – talking and listening to each other, bowling
  • Thursday, 9/13 – special schedule for class meetings, 8:05 start
  • Thursday, 9/13 – Club Fair at lunch in quad, 40 clubs for boys to get involved in
  • Thursday, 9/13 – Taste of De La Salle, 6pm Hoffman
  • Friday, 9/14 – Varsity football plays Bishop Gorman at home, ESPN game; gates open at 6pm; special shirts will be sold for the game
  • Sunday, 9/16 – Hall of Fame ceremony
  • Thursday, 9/20 – Picture retakes in the gym at lunch, must turn in old ID and any picture packages purchased
  • Thursday, 9/27 – Freshman and JV play home at 5pm and 7pm.  Varsity – Bye Week
  • Sunday, 9/23 – Sophomore Liturgy & Brunch
  • Monday, 9/24 – Cereal drive starts

Parent Association Board - Chair Reports

Hospitality – Michele Depolo

  • Back to School Night on 9/6 was successful
  • One change for next year is to add a food table after 7th period ends, because the food was eaten by those without a 7th period class and there wasn’t anything left for those coming out of 7th period classes.

Sophomore Liturgy Mass and Brunch 9/23 – Laura Flannigan and Kathy Pierce

  • 300 attendees
  • Volunteer list is almost full
  • Menu is finalized
  • Décor is being ordered

Cereal Drive – Bonnie Burnett-Taylor and Chris Moller

  • There is going to be contest between the four classes.  Goal is to have all boys participate, not just have one family donate 500 boxes
  • Will collect boxes of cereal at the Sophomore Liturgy Mass & Brunch on 9/23
  • We will need parent volunteers to be in front of the school 7:30 to 8:15 to label boxes of cereal to the respective classes, so they receive credit towards the contest. 
  • The cereal drive is 3 weeks long so a lot of volunteers are needed.  Sign up Genius to go out to secure volunteers
  • Winning class will receive an ice cream taco truck; the cost is $1,000, so trying to secure a sponsor for this
  • Faculty will also participate and will win a margarita party

Special Events – Andrea Shelley/Wendy Reynolds Buckley

  • Coffee cart for staff proposed on 9/28.  Waiting for approval of date.

Junior Unity & Ring Ceremony 10/21 – Doris Marroquin

  • No update

Every 15 Minutes – Wendy Reynolds Buckley and Jack Dyer

  • Committee met with Jack Dyer, Heather Alumbaugh and Kevin Cushing
  • Committee presented administrators with 2 proposals; one is a 2 day program and one is a 1 day program
  • Administrators to review proposals and get back to committee

Crab Feed 1/26 – Lynne Kenny

  • Crab Feed will only be held in the Hoffman as the Old Cafeteria (OC) will be under construction
  • Tickets will go on sale in November for $75 per ticket and guests will be limited to 4 tickets per online order
  • Cape Cod theme
  • Wine and dessert can be ordered in advance

Team Parent – Marnie Carter

  • Still doing some groundwork to get standardization on what team parents are supposed to be doing
  • Right now she does not need any help because there are only 3 teams in the Fall.  Spring may be a different story since there are so many more teams.
  • Team parent materials will be posted on a google drive with information on team dinners, how to organize and streamline recurring events, and how to schedule facilities, catering, sound, etc.

Parent Education – Kris Earle

  • No update

Mother’s In Prayer – Teresa Drake

  • No update

CHS Update – Tami Lightle, CHS Parent Association Board Class of ’19 Parent Representative

  • 9/12 - Welcome Coffee at the Carondelet Athletic Complex with Bonnie Cotter and Kevin Cushing
  • 10/17 - Parent Education Night – panel discussion with new athletic department heads/staff/operations – Cat Arroyo, Kellie Elliot, and Tom Williams


Reminders – Kris Earle

  • The next meeting will be on October 2

Closing Prayer: Jean Sherlock

Meeting adjourned at 7:59 p.m.


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