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De La Salle High School

Class of 2021 Graduation Information 

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Sunday, May 23, 2021 | De La Salle High School Quad | 9:00 AM

With the ever changing COVID-19 status in our county, we would like to update you on the plans (different scenarios) regarding graduation and senior activities. Here is a link to our Graduation Activities (PDF) document.

Ceremony options at present:

  1. Graduation in the Quad. Every family would receive 8 tickets. You will not need to request or register for tickets. 
  2. Graduation on the football field. Each family would receive 2 tickets only.


  1. Scholarship Information: Turn in the Scholarship Form w/verification papers so this information can be included in the graduation program (due on 4/30/21).
  2. Graduation Announcement Packets: Jostens will be in the quad at lunch on March 2nd for G1 students and on March 5th for G2 students. (G3 Students may come to campus on either day at lunch). lease remind your senior to pick up his announcement packet.
  3. Cap and Gowns will be passed out later in April. (More information will follow)
  4. TAG -”Assassin”: Each spring, many high school seniors from around the Bay Area participate in a highly involved tag game called “Assassin”. In past years, this game has been played by seniors at Carondelet and De La Salle, although it is not sanctioned, supported, or approved by either school.  The game involves teams of seniors who are assigned “targets” whom they have to “assassinate” using toy Nerf-type guns that fire foam darts. After several rounds, often taking weeks, the winner is the last person or team standing. According to past rules that we are familiar with, the game cannot be played on either campus or during school hours. There are other rules regarding times and locations subjects may be fired at, as well as rules concerning the type of toy weapon used. Each year the details of the game can vary, but the intent remains the same. We urge our students to consider how their actions and behavior, related to this game, can be interpreted by community members who see students with potentially dangerous weapons, often chasing each other, and surprising their “targets” in public or in their neighborhoods. Non-participants can feel frightened or threatened as only participants are aware that the behavior is part of a game. We do not want the safety of our students, or the safety of those in the greater community, to be compromised during this annual tradition. We encourage parents to speak with their son to ensure that they are not compromising common sense and care for the thrill of the game.

Mother/Son Brunch:

  1. The Mother/Son Brunch will be on Sunday March 7th.  Please don’t miss out!

If you have additional questions or need more information, please feel free to contact Mr. Joe Aliotti at aliottij@dlshs.org or call me at (925) 288-8116.


Joe Aliotti
Dean of Students & Graduation Coordinator