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Parent Education

During the school year Mr. Michael Aquino, Director of Campus Life and Culture, coordinates a number of educational opportunities available to parents of De La Salle High School students. Information will be posted on this web page, providing the topics, presenters, dates and locations, and registration information if required. Some of these educational opportunities will be held on the De La Salle campus, while others will be presented at other schools in the Bay Area. Parents are encouraged to return to this page periodically throughout the year for updates. 

Commong Ground Speaker Series LogoCommon Ground Speaker Series

The Common Ground Speaker Series is a parent education consortium on the San Francisco Peninsula representing more than 15,000 families at 43 schools, stretching from Hillsborough to San Jose. Their events take place at a variety of venues on the Peninsula and showcase the most current thoughts on education, health and parenting.

Because we are currently not part of the consortium, attendance at their events are $20.

Please check out details and event registration HERE. 

Upcoming Common Ground Speaker Series Events

Common Ground Speaker Series Logo

Does the added stress of being at home bring added battles with your child? Do you wish you knew how to get cooperation without yelling and threats? Are you trying to find the sweet spot between spoiling and strict?