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Parent Technology Resources 2020-21

Tech Boot CampClass of 2024

Summer Tech Boot Camp: (Online Course- info emailed in July)

Upon Certificate of Completion, bring your laptop to:


Tech Check

Sunday, August 9, TBA, Library
Monday, August 10, TBA, Library
Tuesday, August 11, TBA, Library

All Sessions: De La Salle Library

Once again,  Tech Boot Camp, is  completely ONLINE. All 9th-grade students are introduced to the tech tools, applications, and expectations around their use at De La Salle High School. In addition, we host a discussion on developing your digital footprint and thinking before you post to social media. More resources can be found through the Common Sense Media resource page.

To help students understand the tools the will be using, we offer a self-paced, online course covering how to pair devices with the school's WIFI network, use of Google Apps for schoolwork, the school's Learning Management System (Schoology), PowerSchool, basics of digital citizenship, and time management with technology.

Class of 2024: Bring Your Own Laptop Specs

Q - What type of laptop does De La Salle recommend students bring?
A - Students are asked to bring a laptop each day, meeting the following minimum requirements:

  • Windows laptop: Microsoft Windows 7 (service pack 1) or higher; Windows “hybrids” such as the Surface Pro 3 or higher are acceptable. Mac laptop: Mac OS 10.8 (Mountain Lion) or higher.
    • De La Salle does not recommend a particular brand of laptop; roughly 50% of our students use Mac devices and 50% use Windows. Please consider a laptop that is a good value for durability. Lenovo and Dell (the Latitude series 3340/3380 are used on campus) make some very durable and price-conscious models. For further recommendations, check out these article links
    • Please note: Google Chromebooks and tablets such as iPads, readers (Kindles, Amazon Fire), and smart phones are NOT sufficient for day-to-day academic use and not acceptable as DLS devices.
  • Students qualifying for financial aid will be eligible for use of/access to a long-term loaned device.
    • If your family qualifies for financial aid, please contact Mr. Jay Juarez, Director of IT to request a laptop: juarezj@dlshs.org
  • De La Salle will provide a student license for the Microsoft Office/365 suite to all students. This includes a downloadable version compatible with Mac & Window laptops- there is no need to purchase additional office tools when purchasing your son's laptop.
  • Protective sleeve or case
  • Headphones/ear buds
  • It is highly recommended that families acquire an extended warranty that includes accidental damage protection (i.e., GeekSquad, HP Care Pack Services, etc.), which covers against drops, breaks, and spills (the most common damage). Also note that AppleCare does NOT include accidental damage protection. Please check with your home insurance provider for coverage or a third party provider such as SquareTrade.

Because transitioning from middle school to high school is complicated in and of itself, have students bring a laptop they are currently using (if applicable); there is no need to go out and buy a new laptop if the existing laptop meets the standard. Perhaps a discussion and decision to purchase a newer device can be had after your son has experienced a semester of school at De La Salle and is in a better position to judge what type of laptop will complement his workload.

Q - Why can’t students bring/use a Chromebook, tablet, or smartphone?
A - Our piloting experimentation and experience over the last four years have shown that while smartphones and tablets (iPad, Surface, Galaxy) or Chromebooks tend to be cheaper and lighter weight, but haven’t proven robust enough to handle all the academic work students will encounter in high school (such as writing papers & creating presentations) or may have some limitations with applications that laptops don’t. We have found smartphones/tablets to be great companion and adequate devices or for access to content, but more “clunky” for producing work. Laptops have emerged as the most robust for everyday use. However, “hybrid” devices such as the Surface Pro 3 (and not lower) have entered the realm as laptops and ARE acceptable devices.

Q - What about students who don’t currently have a device or can’t bring it to DLS?
A - De La Salle High School recognizes that not all students have the resources to acquire devices. Students qualifying for financial aid will be eligible for use of/access to a long-term loaned device. Contact Mr. Jay Juarez, IT Director, if you qualify for a loaned device: juarezj@dlshs.org

2020 Tech Boot Camp Online Course Preview

Incoming students will complete an online course this summer getting and themselves ready for the upcoming school year. Tech Boot Camp gives students access to the many tools they will be using at De La Salle:

  • Schoology (LMS)
  • PowerSchool
  • DLS Gmail & G-Suite Tools
  • Office 365
  • DLS Library
  • Wireless Printing
  • Zoom & Google Meet
  • Virtual Class Etiquette

In addition students will explore expectations and responsibility with technology and the laptops, in particular, managing their own distractions with devices through the use of tools like Self Control & Cold Turkey, and what academic integrity at De La Salle is and looks like in their actions. Parents may find the following resources helpful. Clicking on the icon will take you to more information about the tool:

Find My iPhone (Mac Laptops)- Enabling this tracking via a smartphone is as simple as activating through your iCloud accounts. It works for iPhones, iPads, and Macbooks.
Prey Project (all platforms)- Offers a free version of their tracking software that runs hidden in the background.Track your laptop if lost or stolen.  
Self Control (Mac)- Self Control is a free tool that student input their "time suck" or distracting sites and set a timer that will block them from those sites while they work for a time they determine.  
Cold Turkey (Windows)- Cold Turkey is a free tool that student input their "time suck" or distracting sites and set a timer that will block them from those sites while they work for a time they determine.




What about Managing Smartphones or other devices?

Check out this May 2019 article from Common Sense Media via HuffPost:

This Apple iPhone Feature Helps Kids Manage Their Media Use. Here’s How.


Check out the work of Tristan Harris:

He also has some great tips for Taking Control of Your Phone

Schoology Access for Parents

Schoology is the Learning Management System (LMS) used at both De La Salle and Carondelet. An LMS is where teachers share course information & content like handouts, notes, and assignments. Teachers may also collect work online via Schoology. For grades, however, PowerSchool is our Gradebook of record.

Download the parent instructions by clicking on the link below:

Not sure how to navigate Schoology or what you can access related to your student?

De La Salle Presents:

SCREENAGERS: Growing Up in the Digital Age

Screenagers addresses the most pervasive parenting issue of our time head on—depicting teen struggles over social media, video games and internet addiction. The film empowers kids to best navigate the digital world and provides practical resources to help them do it. We had a great turn out for the film and a lively discussion that followed- thanks to all who came out and joined us!

Missed our screening? Check here for other local showings.

Download the packet of resources from the showing

Or look below under Device Contracts & Agreements. Be sure to check out our other resources on this page and the resources at Screenagersmovie.com

Device Contracts & Agreements

For the last three years, De La Salle has talked with parents about effective parenting with technology. One of the key elements is open and honest discussions about device use, rules, and expectations. De La Salle's Director of Educational Technology recommends resources found at Common Sense Media on managing teen screen time:

You can also download a

Family Device Contract from Common Sense Media HERE

The Screenagers website also has parent resources for creating Screen Time Contracts


Example Screenagers Contract


Good & Bad Apps Guide for Parents

Click on the image for the Parent Guide!
Are you unsure of what apps you son should have/be using? Check out more resources from Josh Ochs at:

2016 Parent Education Presentation with CHS

From our 2015 Parent Education Evening:

Here are some articles worth reading...