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Easy carpools for the 2019-20 school year

De La Salle High School is pleased to introduce the Zūm carpool service for De La Salle families. Zūm is the leading provider of reliable rides and care for children. It's a door-to-door service with drivers trained to ensure your children arrive at their destination safely and follow parent-provided instructions for hand-off.

Learn more about taking Zūm carpools to school, including exclusive carpool pricing to and from De La Salle. Reserve your child’s ride now, and breathe a little easier!

Why Parents Love Zūm:



Each family is assigned a pool of fingerprinted and TrustLine certified drivers with mandatory childcare experience.
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We take pride in our punctuality and our ability to complete all rides booked.
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Book single rides, multi-stop rides, or carpool with friends up to a year in advance. Set up recurring rides as needed.
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Prices can track rides in real time. Prior to the ride, parents can view the driver's profile.


How to Get Started with School Carpooling

As a parent of De La Salle High School, you enjoy exclusive pricing for rides to and from school, depending on your city.
  • Sign up for FREE for carpools by visiting the De La Salle-Zūm carpool site.
  • Zūm will help match you with other De La Salle families! You can invite other De La Salle families when you sign up.
  • Download our App to create an account and a member profile for your child. This will enable Zūm to apply your exclusive carpool pricing to your account.

Make life easier with Zūm rides

We understand how hard parents work for their families - let us take care of your child's transport to and from school!
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Rides must be booked by 7pm the day prior to your ride. If you have same-day needs, feel free to contact us and we’ll do our best to accommodate your request.
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909.554.3833 | support@ridezum.com facebook twitter