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Service Learning

Upcoming Events

The Annual Toy Drive is here!! As with everything in 2020, our Toy Drive looks different from previous years. This year anyone can donate by bringing in a gift card to their Religious Studies class, or by visiting our website, finding your teacher, and donating directly to the charity assigned to your class there. The drive will run from November 18th to December 17th and will include a class competition for a limited edition Dean Aliotti sticker. THIS YEAR WE ARE NOT ABLE TO ACCEPT ANY TOYS.

The Toy Drive website link is: https://linktr.ee/DLStoydrive2020

De La Salle High School seeks to challenge its students to serve others, especially the poor, and to deepen a sense of responsibility for humanity’s future.

In keeping with our mission, De La Salle offers a variety of service-oriented activities that enrich our students’ educational experience while meeting real needs in the community. Service learning projects are designed to develop students’ sense of social and personal responsibility, increase their understanding of the conditions that warrant service, and challenge them to recognize their potential as agents of social change.

To Accomplish this Mission, De La Salle is Committed to:

  • Provide meaningful service opportunities for students
  • Incorporate service learning as an instructional methodology throughout the academic curriculum
  • Utilize various methods of reflection
  • Support faculty in developing and/or re-designing courses to incorporate service learning
  • Cultivate mutual respect with community partners
  • Integrate education with social responsibility and action
  • Encourage students to actively seek service opportunities
  • Challenge students to embrace a lifelong commitment to service


Dr. Elizabeth Berkes, PhD
Director of Faculty Development
Director of Service Learning
(925) 288-8149