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Be The Match Service Learning Project

One of our mottos at De La Salle High School is "Enter to Learn. Leave to Serve."

Our students are partnering with Be the Match because they want to do nothing short of saving lives with their service. This is personal for them.

There is a need for committed donors of ALL ethnicities and nationalities, but patients of mixed heritage have a more challenging time finding a match, because there simply aren’t enough donors. We can change that! By joining the registry you are offering HOPE to a family in their time of greatest need.

Are you 18-44 and in good health?

If not, I bet you know someone who is!

YOU could be someone’s cure!

Registration only takes about 10 minutes and involves filling out paperwork and swabbing the inside of your mouth. The biggest reasons people don’t register is because they are unaware of Be the Match and they don't understand how easy bone marrow donation can be. Our health students are eager to educate you! Don’t let fear of the unknown stop you from saving someone’s life!

Next Registration Event

WHEN: Stay tuned for 2019-2020 drive information


Dr. Elizabeth Berkes, PhD
Director of Faculty Development
Service Learning Coordinator
WCEA/WASC Accreditation School Coordinator
(925) 288-8149


Diplomas from Graduation 2017