Les Hommes De Foi

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Summer Academic Programs

Summer 2018 Any student who has finished their online course (BYU, FLVS) and needs transcripts- please contact Mr. Van Bomel immediately.

Any student who needs to schedule a BYU final-pleace contact Mr. Van Bomel 

Phone: 925-288-8160

Email: vanbomeld@dlshs.org

Course Remediation Policy

Policy Statement

1. Any course that is remediated through DLS, whether in online or traditional or hybrid programs will be listed on a student’s transcript beginning with the 2017-18 school year. This applies to any course and grade that is an improvement on the initial grade earned, as well as any grade earned that is lower than the initial grade.

2. Any course that students take outside of DLS and done completely independent of DLS will be recorded on the student’s transcript only when/if it is submitted to the Registrar for this purpose.

3. Upon signature of an enrollment form, students and parents are acknowledging that they have read this policy and understand it. This policy will be listed on all materials that advertise online and traditional or hybrid courses.