Les Hommes De Foi

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Course Catalog


It is important that both students and parents read the course catalog carefully, especially the course descriptions and prerequisites.

Students should discuss course choices with their parents, counselor and teachers. Parents are encouraged to attend the following academic advisement opportunities:

  • Tuesday, January 25, 2022 at 6:30 p.m. - Junior Parents College Planning & Academic Advisement Night (ZOOM meeting - zoom link will be emailed)
  • College Entrance Requirements

Please complete the following prior to Academic Advisement Week:

  1. Use the Sample Student 4-year Program sheet to check your progress toward graduation requirements..
  2. Students will be given an assigned time to meet with their counselors to turn in registration forms.  The counselors will then register their students online using PowerSchool.
  3. Students will not be allowed to register if they have not completed the E3 Student Survey.  Students must also have their registration forms completed and signatures obtained from math, science and world language instructors.

During the Advisement Weeks, your counselor will send for you to review your Course Request Sheet. At that time, your counselor will review your requests, check your graduation requirements to date, and verify eligibility for certain courses. Approval will be based on space availability as determined by the Administration, graduation requirements, course prerequisites, and/or Department Chairperson recommendations. Students will be required to take the courses for which they pre-register unless the student does not meet the published prerequisites, the class is cancelled or an irresolvable conflict in scheduling exists. Requests for particular teachers will not be considered.