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Health, Physical Education, and Recreation

  1. Graduation Requirements: 20 Credits
  2. All Freshman will have the option of taking Physical Education at 0 period or 7th period (10 credits)
  3. All Freshman are required to take Basic First Aid / Health Education (5 credits)
  4. Participation in interscholastic athletics, with the exception of badminton,may be applied to fulfilling H.P.E.R. graduation requirements with a maximum of 5 credits being allowed in a school year and a total of 15 such credits being allowed over a four-year period. Participation in club rugby (5 units per season, maximum of 5 units in a school year  also applies.)These credits should appear on the student's transcript at the completion of the semester following his participation.  Student should see their counselor with any questions by the end of the year of participation. Note: Team managers do not earn PE Credit.
  5. After the freshman year, students may fulfill the remainder of their graduation requirements by enrolling in any of the available electives and/or interscholastic athletics. Because not all classes are available on an annual basis, students may be placed in an alternate PE class during scheduling.
  6. The Graduation Requirement (20 credits) may be completed in a number of different ways:
  7. Health Education (This 5-credit course is required of all students.)
  • Elective courses (15 credits)
  • Participation (15 credits maximum) on a DLS  (CIF) interscholastic athletic team (as indicated in #4 & 5 above).
  • Special Note: In rare cases when a student takes Jazz Band and Concert Marching Band during both Zero (0) and Seventh Periods (7th) for three years, the student can petition to the registrar with VPA and HPER approval to be exempt from Five (5) HPER credits.
  • BYU online course (5 units). This should only be done for rare cases, as above, when a student cannot fit a PE class into his schedule due to AP class saturation.

*Please note: The abbreviations P, H and AP are all UC/CSU approved courses
P = UC/CSU approved; H = Honors; AP = Advanced Placement

Health, Physical Education, and Recreation Courses