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General Requirements

Graduation Requirements

De La Salle High School offers subjects that comply with the minimum requirements for admission to the University of California. The school also offers a wide variety of electives which go beyond these minimum requirements. Five (5) semester credits may be earned for the equivalent of each semester course and ten (10) credits for a full year course. The total minimum credits required for graduation from De La Salle are 240 semester units (60 units per year) within the following course of studies:

Religious Studies 4 years 40 credits
English 4 years 40 credits
Mathematics 3 years 30 credits
Social Studies 3 years 30 credits
Physical Education 2 years 20 credits
Science 2½ years 25 credits
World Languages 2 years 20 credits
Fine Arts 1 year 10 credits
Required Subjects:   215 credits
Academic Electives   25 credits
Total Graduation Requirements   240 credits

Academic Regulations and Promotion

  1. Students will take all of the courses listed in the core curriculum at DLS, plus their choice of electives. A student must take all required courses during the academic year. Summer school classes are primarily for remediation. Please note that course work taken at any site other than the De La Salle campus must receive prior written approval from the Director of Academic Services. Only approved course work will appear on a student’s transcript.
  2. Transfer students must take all of the courses listed from the time of their entrance and may be required to make up certain courses (those not indicated on their transcript of record from the previous school) in summer school.
  3. No student will graduate, be promoted, or be allowed to continue at De La Salle if he has received an F grade in any subject. The course(s) in which a semester F was earned must be repeated in an approved online course or summer school course with a passing grade of D or better before continuation at De La Salle is permitted. Students may not apply extra credits previously earned to satisfy the replacement value for an F grade. No F grade will be removed from the student’s transcript. Although the make-up grade for any F earned will be listed on the student’s transcript, the new grade earned is not included in the calculation of the GPA. (Refer to the Parent-Student Handbook for complete academic policy.)
  4. Enrollment in a year-long (10 credit) course is a commitment on the part of the student to complete the course. Only in extraordinary situations, (such as failing the first semester and thereby not being prepared to move into the second semester), will students be allowed to withdraw from a year-long course.

Make-up courses

Four-year colleges will not accept D grades in core courses (English, Mathematics, Science, Social Studies, World Languages and Visual and Performing Art). These grades may be made up in summer school. Should a student wish to repeat a course in order to meet prerequisites for the next level and/or to meet college entrance requirements, he must repeat the course in summer school or in an online course. Repetition of the course at De La Salle would only be allowed in extreme cases where a student was unable to make up the required course elsewhere. If a student is unsure about whether a D grade should be made up in summer school, he should check with the College Counselor. Make up courses must be approved by the Director of Academic Services.

A grade earned in a repeated course where the original grade was a “D”, is posted on the transcript and is used for prerequisite consideration. The new grade is not included in calculation of the cumulative GPA. Colleges and universities typically consider the new grade received for the repeated course in admissions and placement reviews.

  1. An F grade earned in a subject not obtainable in summer school may be made up by special work during the summer with approval of the instructor and the Director of Academic Services.
  2. In Mathematics, World Languages, and some Science courses, an F grade earned for the first five credits of a ten credit course may be later changed to a D grade if the grade for the remaining five credits is a C grade or better and the student has passed his final comprehensive examination. A formal written request for such a change is to be made by the student to the Director of Academic Services no later than ten days after the second semester grades have been posted.

Course Request Changes

  1. Students may request a change in schedule only during the first week of a 5-credit or 10-credit course. Students may not enroll in an academic class after the first week has passed. Approval of requests is dependent upon: (1) space availability in the class requested; (2) suitability of the reason for the request and consistency with requirements as stated in the course catalog (3) parental approval. Student preference for a particular teacher will not be considered. If the student is requesting DLS classes only, a petition must be submitted by the end of the registration period in February. This petition form will be available from the counselors or from the Director of Academic Services.
  2. Should a teacher initiate a class change due to academic difficulties after the first week of the semester, a student will be withdrawn from the course with no academic liability up to progress report time. The only options he has for credit after the progress report time are Inside Work Experience (IWE) or Teacher’s Assistant (TA).
  3. A student who has been withdrawn from a course, (four weeks into a grading period), will receive a grade of “F” for that course and must make up the credits in order to graduate.