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Online Courses

  • Online classes are generally enrichment courses, and may not be taken to replace any DLS requirement, unless they are taken to REMEDIATE a grade previously earned at DLS.
  • No grade earned in an online course is ever factored into the DLS GPA.
  • All students who participate in any online course must participate in an orientation meeting with Mr. Van Bomel, and will adhere to a regular schedule to check in with him on their progress in the course.
  • In many cases, additional fees would apply to cover the cost of courses. Registration for these courses would be through Mr. Van Bomel.

Remediation Policy Regarding “D’s and F’s*

  • Students who wish to know if they should make up a “D” grade should check with their College Counselors first.
  • As stated in the student handbook (pg. 6), Academic Regulations and Procedures:
  • “A student must take all required courses during the academic year. Summer school classes are primarily for remediation. Please note that course work taken at any site (including online options) other than the De La Salle campus must receive prior written approval from the Director of Academic Services (Ms. Lillian Dickson). Only approved course work will appear on a student’s transcript.
  • Four-Year colleges will not accept D grades in core courses, (English, Mathematics, Science, Social Studies and World Languages). These grades may also be made up in summer school. Should a student wish to repeat a course in order to meet prerequisites for the next level and/or to meet college entrance requirements, he must repeat the course in summer school.
  • A grade earned in a repeated course which was not failed, (i.e., where the original grade was a “D”), is posted on the transcript and is used for pre-requisites consideration. The new grade is not included in calculation of the cumulative DLS GPA. Colleges and universities typically consider the new grade received for the repeated course in admissions and placement reviews.

Please contact Mr. Donald Van Bomel at 925-288-8160 for more information about online options and to remediate “D’s”.

Florida Virtual School (FLVS) Courses

The following are samples of some of the Florida Virtual classes available to students:

Florida Virtual School (FVS) courses for remediation: (Please see Mr. Van Bomel to review and determine the appropriate online class for remediation):

Lasallian Educational Access Platform (LEAP) - St. Joseph's Collegiate Institute (Buffalo, NY)

De La Salle Online Course