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Planning for College

Preparation for College
In general, preparation for college includes study in subjects beyond basic requirements for entrance. College curricula build upon previous study in the Natural Sciences, Math, Social Sciences, Visual and Performing Arts, World Languages, and the Humanities. Students should aim to complete 3 to 4 years of World Languages, 4 years of Math and 3 years of Laboratory Science to be competitive for admission to selective colleges.

The Co-Directors of College Counseling begin presenting to sophomores at class meetings is the fall and spring semesters and an introductory workshop in Religion class spring semester. They continue with presentations to juniors at class meetings in fall and spring semesters, Junior Group College Counseling in January, and individual meetings with juniors throughout the spring semester. An optional College Advisory for Juniors consisting of four 7th period weekly sessions is offered in March/April to give interested juniors a head start on preparing for college applications. All seniors are required to take College Advisory for Seniors. This 7th period class meets weekly. The purpose of College Advisory is to provide timely and essential college application information to every senior in small groups on a consistent basis. Seniors can continue to meet individually with their college counselor as needed and requested.

The Co-Directors of College Counseling offer evening presentations for students and parents throughout the year and aimed at certain grade levels or special topics. They are also available for family meetings with students and their parents as requested. Students and parents are always welcome to contact the Co-Directors of College Counseling with questions about the college search, selection, and application process.

College Search Process
There are thousands of private and public colleges and universities around the country with a wide range of characteristics that make them attractive to students. In searching for the right one, schedule a tour at as many different types of colleges as possible in order to get a sense of what you are looking for, and then begin examining the individual campuses and programs.

Information for College Bound Students