Les Hommes De Foi

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UC & CSU Approved Course List


  • AP English Language and Composition (AP)*
  • AP English Literature and Composition (AP)*
  • African American Literature - P
  • Classics of Horror-P
  • The Culture of Story Telling-P
  • Dystopian Fiction -P
  • English 1 (H)
  • English 1-P
  • English 2 (H)
  • English 2-P
  • English 3-P
  • English 4-P
  • Global Voices-P
  • Literature and Film-P
  • Literature, Conflict and the Human Experience-P
  • Podcasting and Storytelling-P
  • Psychological Realism-P
  • Shakespeare-P
  • The Short Story-P
  • Voices of the Oppressed-P
  • Western Literature-P
  • Writing Seminar-P
  • 21st Century Women - P

History/Social Science

  • AP Government and Politics US*
  • AP United States History (AP)*
  • Civics-P
  • United States History-P
  • World Geography-P
  • World History (H)
  • World History-P

Laboratory Science

  • Anatomy and Physiology-P
  • AP Biology (AP)*
  • AP Chemistry (AP)*
  • AP Environmental Science (AP)*
  • AP Physics 1 (AP)*
  • AP Physics C: Mechanics (AP)*
  • Biology-P
  • Biology (H)
  • Chemistry (H)
  • Chemistry-P
  • Marine Biology-P
  • Physics (H)
  • Physics-P


  • Algebra 1 (H)
  • Algebra 1 B-P
  • Algebra 1-P
  • Algebra 2 - P
  • Algebra 2 with Trigonometry (H)
  • Algebra 2 with Trigonometry-P
  • Algebra 2-P
  • AP Calculus AB (AP)*
  • AP Calculus BC (AP)*
  • AP Calculus BC (Scout)*
  • AP Statistics (AP)*
  • Geometry (H)
  • Geometry-P
  • Intro to Computer Science-P
  • Introduction to College Mathematics-P
  • Pre-Calculus-P
  • Probability & Statistics-P
  • Trigonometry-P

Visual and 
Performing Arts

  • Acrylic Painting-P
  • Animation and Drawing-P
  • AP Studio Art: 3-D Design (AP)*
  • AP Studio Art: Drawing (AP)*
  • Cartooning-P
  • Choral Stage IIII-P
  • Chorale-P
  • Chorus IIII-P
  • Concert Choir-P
  • Concert Marching Band-P
  • Conservatory Ensemble-P
  • Dance I/II-P
  • Drawing & Painting 2
  • Drawing & Painting-P
  • Engineering, Architecture, Drafting and Design-P
  • Film Studies: Theory and Production
  • Fundamentals of Art (semester)
  • Fundamentals of Art IIII-P
  • Interactive Music Studio
  • Jazz Band-P
  • Multi Media Design-P
  • Music Theory-P
  • Photo and Film-P
  • Popular Music in the 20th Century-P
  • Sculpture and Drawing-P
  • Technical Theatre Design & Building-P
  • The American Musical III1-P
  • Theatre 1-P
  • Theatre 2-P

World Language

  • American Sign Language 1-P
  • American Sign Language 2-P
  • American Sign Language 3-P
  • AP French (AP)*
  • AP Italian Language and Culture (AP)*
  • AP Latin (AP)*
  • AP Spanish Language and Culture*
  • French 1-P
  • French 2-P
  • French 3 (H)*
  • French 3-P
  • French 4 (H)*
  • French 4-P
  • Italian 1-P
  • Italian 2 (H)
  • Italian 2-P
  • Italian 3 (H)*
  • Italian 3-P
  • Italian 4-P
  • Latin 1-P
  • Latin 2-P
  • Latin 3-P
  • Latin 4-P
  • Spanish 1-P
  • Spanish 2 (H)
  • Spanish 2-P
  • Spanish 3 (H)*
  • Spanish 3-P
  • Spanish 4-P
  • Spanish for Heritage Speakers I-P
  • Spanish for Heritage Speakers II-P

College-Prep Electives

  • American Studies: The Law-P
  • AP Comp. Science Principles (AP)
  • AP Psychology (AP)*
  • Core Principles in Physics, Chemistry & Biology
  • Criminal Justice-P
  • Cultural Anthropology-P
  • Economics (Semester)-P
  • AP Macro-economics (AP)
  • First Aid/Health-P
  • Forensic Science-P
  • History of the Sixties-P
  • History Through Cinema-P
  • Intro to Biotechnology-P
  • Intro to Comp Science-P
  • Intro to Philosophy-P
  • Psychology-P
  • Robotics, Engineering and Programming-P
  • Sports Medicine 1-P
  • Sports Medicine 2-P
  • World Religions-P

*UC approved Honors and AP classes are given one extra grade point in UC GPA calculation

**Pending UC Approval

© 2016 Regents of the University of California

One unit (equivalent to one year) required, chosen from one of the following categories: dance, music, theater, or visual arts (e.g., painting, web/graphic design, film/video, inter/multimedia arts).

Two units (equivalent to two years) of history/social science required, including: one year of world history, cultures and historical geography and one year of U.S. history; or one-half year of U.S. history and one-half year of civics or American government.

Four units (equivalent to four years) of college preparatory English composition and literature required, integrating extensive reading, frequent writing, and practice listening and speaking with different audiences. Students may only use 1 year of ESUELD English.

Two units (equivalent to two years) of laboratory science are required (three units are strongly recommended), providing fundamental knowledge in two of the following: biology, chemistry, or physics. Interdisciplinary science courses can also fulfill all or part of this requirement.

Two units (equivalent to two years, or through the second level of high school instruction) of the same language other than English (three units recommended).

Three units (equivalent to three years) of college- preparatory mathematics (four units are strongly recommended), including or integrating topics covered in elementary algebra, advanced algebra, and two-and three-dimensional geometry.

One unit (equivalent to one year) chosen from the "a-f' courses beyond those used to satisfy the requirements of the "a-f' subjects, or courses that have been approved solely in the elective area.