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Yearbook is a course that offers concepts, skills and techniques in journalism including copy-writing, editing, photography, and meeting deadlines.

Students on the yearbook staff collaborate with the school community to produce the De La Salle Odyssey, an annual story and portrait of the academic and co-curricular dynamics of Spartan life. A yearbook for each De La Salle Student is included in the cost of tuition.

Contributed Photos
The yearbook staff is looking for high-resolution, candid photos of various school proceedings such as athletic, social, and academic events. Send the photos to yearbook@dlshs.org. Please remember that any submitted photos may be printed at the discretion of the editors.


We are happy to announce that we have added extra space for Senior Ads without any additional fees to you. Parents, you can still congratulate your senior with a custom yearbook ad. Ads are created and submitted online.


For an overview of the senior yearbook ad (including deadlines, guidelines, and pricing information), click here.

For an overview as to how to create the advertisement, click here.

(The links can also be found in the column to your right.)

2017-18 Yearbook Leadership Staff


Editor-in-Chief: Dawson Diaz
Production Manager: Bernie Conrad
Design Editor: Benjamin Meier
Copy Editor: Tyler Manning-Shannon
Advertising Manager: Alex Avila
Photo Editors/Reference: Cameron Christensen
Academics/Student Life: Spencer Hay
Sports: Daniel Benavidez & Thomas Petty