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Course Registration

Course Registration for the upcoming school year will take place throughout the month of February. All of the information students will need to complete the registration process for the 2024-25 school year will be made available on this webpage. 
It is important that both students and parents familiarize themselves with our Graduation Requirements and read the course descriptions for each of our academic disciplines carefully, including prerequisites. Students should then discuss course choices with their parents, counselor, and teachers. 
If you have questions, please feel free to reach out to our School and College Counselors.

Advisement Week

During Advisement Week, our students will be able to visit their academic counselor to review their choices for next year. At that time, counselors will review student requests, check graduation requirements to date, and verify eligibility for certain courses. Approval is based on space availability as determined by our Administration department, as well as graduation requirements, course prerequisites, and/or Department Chairperson recommendations. Students are required to take the courses for which they pre-register unless the student does not meet the published prerequisites, the class is cancelled, or an irresolvable conflict in scheduling exists. Requests for particular teachers will not be considered.

Complete the Following (prior to registering for classes)

  1. Use our Sample Student 4-year Program sheet to check progress toward graduation requirements.
  2. Review our online Course Description Grid. Look at the detailed description of each course offering as well as the very important grade requirements needed for each class. You should also review the requirements and expectations for AP/Honors courses.
  3. Fill out the Course Registration Worksheet that was handed out during January presentation days. A duplicate will also be emailed during the first week of presentations. Get signatures from current teachers where indicated on the form (have the transcript with the worksheet so teachers can see previous grades). There are links to the worksheets for each class below. If you don't meet the requirements for a class, you will need to submit an Appeal Form.

  4. Important Note: We will verify grades for all advanced and AP classes to confirm that pre-requirements have been met. You must select classes in which you meet the requirements.

  5. Parent review and signature.

Students will meet with their academic counselor  who will call students out of class for an appointment. At this mandatory appointment the advisor will check the completed worksheet with signatures, verify prerequisites, and input course requests into PowerSchool.

Meeting Prerequisites

Please note that initial placement is made on the basis of the student’s transcript and first semester grades. Final placement is determined after the second semester grades have been posted in June. Students who have not met the initial placement prerequisites but who meet the final placement prerequisites may submit a written appeal to the Director of Academic Services. Decisions will be based on space availability and approval from the Director of Academic Services and Department Chair. Please check the published prerequisites in this catalog for each individual course.

Advance Placement and Honors Courses

Our Advanced Placement Program offers a college/university level curriculum that has been designed by the College Board and meets college/university assessment standards. It is expected that students who sign up for our AP courses will be highly motivated and will make the AP course and exam a priority. To that end, students should carefully consider the level of difficulty that an advanced placement course (or courses) present and plan their schedule wisely.

As enrollment is limited, an application is necessary for all honors and AP courses. Final selection is made by the department in which the course is offered and may be based on a number of criteria, such as: GPA, submission of writing samples, completion of requested course work, and/or evidence of proficiency. If the number of students requesting a class exceeds the number of spaces available, the highest GPA (in the subject area), and additional departmental criteria will become the basis for selection. Students who do not meet GPA prerequisites for a particular class may submit a written appeal in the event that space is available.

Registration Resources